No ImageMint Tea with Lemon Verbena

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  1. Mason

    I’m a diabetic type 1 and I for years in the winter moths had a cold or even flu which seem to last for weeks and if not months some years, with diabetes you ave a much lower immune system where you catch a cold and alike just by looking at someone who sneezes. my diabetic nurse suggested trying Lemon Verbena Tea as there had been many studies into the health benefits of this tea and how Lemon Verbena boosts your immune system, I get my tea from The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company –

  2. Peter

    We have a lovely smelling Verbena bush and plenty of Mint.
    Just brewed my first pot of tea, it has a light green colour, pleasant odour.
    Nice taste, not to strong but good.

  3. Kevin

    I’d love to grow my own plant but where can I find lemon verbena seeds?

    You might ask your local nursery or search online. I’ve only bought the plant itself, and have not tried to grow one from seed. ~Elise

  4. Kristin

    This is really good! Since it’s really hot right now, I decided to make this into iced tea instead. It’s a little milder taste when you add in the ice cubes, but still makes a delicious cool beverage. Definitely try this!


  5. Suziq

    Hi, I noticed in the comments for Lemon Verbena Tea, that someone had wondered if Lemon Scented Verbena had any medicinal properties.
    It does actually:
    It helps reduce fevers/temperatures
    It also can help relieve indigestion, similar to mint
    It can also help people with poor digestion, especially, if they have a health problem in that area. Lemon Scented Verbena actually works but soothing the muscles which are spasming during an episode of indigestion or ‘trapped’ wind (flatulence)
    Hope this helps:)

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