No ImageLinguine with Clam Sauce

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  1. Carla

    I made this last night and it was DELISH!! I also added more garlic as we can never get enough. Thank you!


  2. Phillip

    Another great recipe, just got done cooking it for my Family and they loved it. I only thing that I did differently was add a little more garlic, seems you can never get enough garlic.


  3. Lady Amalthea

    This is one of my very favorite Italian dishes. I make it similarly but sometimes add some anchovies into the sauce (mash them up; they just give it a deeper flavor) and some crushed red pepper.

    Or I just toss the clams and pasta with garlic and oil. Either way — yum!

  4. Greg Walker

    Excellent recipe! We had it last night, prepared to the letter, and it rocked.

    Regarding the anise notes, traditional beurre escargot, served on Escargots a la Bourguignonne, has a notable Pernod, Absinthe, or Anisette presence, which really makes the whole butter/garlic/shallot thing come together. Of course, I will gobble licorice if it is available to me, so I cannot claim that it overcomes any prejudice on my part. . . .


  5. Cassie

    I definitely prefer the clams with red sauce. Also very good with mussels, shrimp, or any combination of the three. I definitely love the seafood paired with linguini – for some reason that pasta shape just tastes the best with seafood!

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