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  1. Kiki

    Please tell me where you found grass fed&finished calf liver. I absolutely loved when my mom made liver and onions for dinner when I was a kid (odd child, I know)! I have made it as an adult with regular grass liver but my mom informed me that calf is the key. I’m not sure where to source it.

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  2. Frank Wallis

    Try cubed venison in place of liver. It’s a whole other dish, it is fine!

  3. Dawn

    This recipe lacks lemon juice to presoak the washed and trimmed liver; it takes away a lot of that “metallic” flavour folks. Also, here in much of Latinamerica we cook our meats with fresh chopped garlic; it enhances the flavours beautifully. I would never dream of cooking anything savoury sans garlic(and Worcestershire sauce for beef!), and sometimes ginger too. Northern recipes are quite bland imho, which is why people refuse to eat organ meats–the ” metallic/gaminess” of the meats are too strong without proper seasonings(herbs too!) Don’t be afraid to add a lil vino too as we do here(a Spanish holdover from the Conquistadores)….I guarantee you, liver will be transformed.

  4. Dana Dale

    We have pastured beef liver from a local ranch. I used your recipe. I can’t thank you enough, Elise. My 17yo son said, “This is really good, Mom.”

  5. Fork Lift Operator

    I don’t do the flour bit…or bread crumbs. I fry my onions, green beans and liver in bacon fat. You can also throw a few bacon bits in with the green beans. Sometimes I soak the liver in milk before frying. People say it takes away the bitterness. I don’t get the bitterness part. To me it’s the same whether soaked in milk or not.

    For all you people that won’t eat liver, I have no problem with that. It means all the more for me. Liver is one of the cheapest meats you can buy. You just have to be careful. Since you’ll be the only one buying it, you have to make sure it’s fresh and not brown or dried out. Pile on the salty sweet onions and the green beans and I am good to go.

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