No ImageLong Island Iced Tea

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  1. Kriss

    Awesome, lov it!


  2. Cynthia

    I made it to take to see the movie Get Out in the park because we wanted to simulate what they drank in the movie but with a little more punch! This was perfect!! It went down nice and easy and had just the right amount of punch. I made a little too much but it lasted in the refrigerator for several days.
    It didn’t taste like alcohol at all, so be careful!


  3. Annette

    How can it be made ahead where of time? I’ve got a crowd of 60 and I would like to put it in a large glass dispenser?

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  4. Christina Powell

    Can you just add cola with Long Island Iced Tea and not the other Alcohol

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  5. Chris

    don’t forget the electric lemonade that’s made with blue curacao instead of triple sec (the taste is exactly the same but the bright blue color is nice). a perfectly made long island really does taste like tea and should never taste of alcohol, unless you’re planning on it being an early night. i don’t chill mine, i just build them over ice and give it a shake at the end to mix everything before the shot of cola. be very wary about making them by the pitcher, it’s easy for the servings (and thus your gathering) to get out of hand.


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