No Image7-Layer Magic Bars

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  1. Karen

    Love it. My sister for years would not try them but she finally did and is absolutely in love with them. I’ve eaten them for ever and love them. They are so easy to make just a little costly for all the needed ingredients but well worth it.


  2. Heather Vargas

    I followed the recipe as written and the bottom was a bit too gooey. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Should I use less than the whole can of sweetened condensed milk? The flavor was fantastic so I would love some help getting the texture right.

  3. Polly

    This recipe is fabulous! I do not have a 9 x13 pan, so I increased all the amounts by 20% and made it in a 10 x 15 cookie sheet. Got 48 good-sized triangles. Perfect!


  4. Kerry

    I *LOVE* Irvin and Eat the Love (easily one of the best written food blogs). My grandmother used to make these for us when I was a kid. So now I love Irvin even more for reminding me. I may even have all of the ingredients in the house! :)

    Just read through the comments and reread the post – ours were layered in a different order. Crust, coconut, chocolate and then butterscotch chips, pecans and topped with (as another reader wrote) the sweetened condensed milk. The chips melt into the coconut a bit and the covers and seeps in the crags to hold it all together.

  5. MJ

    Do these freeze well?

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