No ImageMake Your Own Juice Popsicles

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  1. Cool

    I’ve tried it! It tastes very good! Thanks Elise!


  2. Julia

    Thank you for the great recipe! I just adapted it to 5 calories per popsicle using sugar-free flavored gelatin dissolved in one cup of boiling water and adding two cups of sugar-free Hawaiian Punch. (My six popsicle molds hold half a cup of liquid each.) Today, with temperatures climbing into the hundreds, this guilt-free treat really hit the spot for my husband and me.


  3. Janet

    I’d use a blender to puree fresh organic fruit, add dates or stevia if needed for a sweetener, fresh coconut water so it’s nice and light…

  4. Hillary

    I make popsicles the easy way: I have a 4-piece small popsicle set, and I just pour juice into them, put the plastic stick in, and let it freeze for 8 hours. I like to freeze them overnight. A couple of times, I even poured soda into the popsicle molds! They turned out refreshing and full of holes.

  5. Lisa Ferguson

    Thanks Holly for your reply. And yes, the mold that I bought at one of those kitchen stores is made of plastic and the sticks are smooth. The second time, I mixed equal parts of orange sherbet with OJ and the sticks still just popped out again. My kids just ate it with a spoon like it was ice cream. I’ll try the wooden ones like you’ve recommended. But here’s another question. I just like to use straight juice for convenience and calorie sakes so how do you keep the wooden sticks centered?

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