No ImageHomemade Grape Juice

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  1. Saif

    It’s great! I made it, and taste amazing and sweet, with no sugar/honey add at all! Very easy to make too! But it does take a lot of grapes..


  2. Charles

    It was great. But in the middle of winter in Canada, at $6.99 a lb for Grapes.. it makes for some expensive juice.


  3. Tom Borg

    Cindy, why would you even have a strainer that was not stainless in your kitchen.
    Judi, add some filtered water :)

  4. judi Edwards

    Terrible… far too concentrated for grapes grown in zone 3… Please provide a solution!

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  5. Cindy

    Instead of using cheesecloth as we have always done, I used the metal sieve. It ruined everything. The juice tastes very strange and the sieve is like falling apart. I didn’t see anywhere that it had to be stainless steel. Was that the issue? I’m so sad as there are no grapes left on the vines. And I have about 20 gallons of this rusty tasting juice.

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