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  1. Stuart Murray

    Bloody delicious Posted a photo on IG.


  2. Beatriz

    I have a question about some measures! I am not sure if the measure are correct but when you talk about the coconut milk you mention 1 13.5 ounce is that correct? how may milimiters is 1 13.5 ounce? thanks!

  3. Bassam

    Good recipe ..I used a whole chicken and a little wine instead of vinegar.
    I also added some peppers for heat.
    will make again.


  4. Jennifer

    Absolutely delicious! I used mild curry powder and only 1 mango (quite a big one) and added a tablespoon of onion marmalade as I left out the raisins. Puréed with a stick blender and served with rice and steamed cauliflower tossed with parsley and butter.


  5. Niamh

    Delicious. Thanks

  6. Gayle

    I substituted a mild white fish that I cut in chunks and I did not purée the sauce. Thanks for such a great recipe that inspired me to make curry !


  7. Heather

    Does this need a bit of tomato paste?

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Heather! Emma here, managing editor. The recipe wasn’t developed with tomato paste, but I think it would make a fine addition. You could add a tablespoon along with the spices in step 1 if you like. Enjoy!

  8. Deb

    Absolutely divine

  9. R&R

    IMHO, fruit belongs as an accompaniment such as chutney; not included with the protein in the mixture itself. Whole point of a curry is to modify/enhance the protein taste. In the case of tough meat like goat a flavorful protein, make it great.
    I tried this recipe on my better half’s request, and we were not impressed at all with the fruit dimension.
    Curry = Meat, mostly slow cooked with love. Why mess that up?


  10. Danni

    Just finished eating this and it was great! I used frozen mangos because mango season just finished here. I used about 2.5 cups but might use 3 or 3.5 cups next time. I also used coconut cream instead of coconut milk and added half a can of water as well. And I browned the chicken before adding the pureed sauce back to the pan. Also used carrot instead of bell pepper because my family don’t like capsicum/peppers. It was really delicious!


  11. PollyLolly

    Oops! Forgot to give it stars!


  12. PollyLolly

    I’ve made this twice, once as is and once with the addition of 2 habanero peppers. It was really good both times but I have to say the extra spice was extra nice! A good recipe as is for someone who might not like spicy food, if you do like spicy food I would add 1-3 habanero peppers depending on your tastes. Maybe more if you’re just that intense.

  13. chastity

    This is awesome, I didn’t puree the sauce because i didn’t want another item to clean and also kicked it up a notch by adding some chili paste! So good. I used this recipe for meal prepping, served with a mix of brown rice/quinoa, butter nut squash and artichokes.


  14. Scott

    I used coconut oil, rice vinegar, boneless (skin on thighs) cooked after the veggies came out of the pan and used less curry powder. It was totally delicious and a huge hit with the family. Great combo of spices flavors and textures. Loved it!


  15. Rhian Awni

    This is the second time I make it within a month. It is delicious and easy to make! Just like any other recipe from Simply Recipes, never fails to please. My whole family loved it, including my 6-year old girl. Thank you for sharing!


  16. Artie

    First time making curry. I was pretty impressed with myself after making this dish! Will make this again in the future.


  17. Katelyn

    I was wondering if anyone has tried prepping this meal the night before? I’m having an Indian banquet which multiple dishes, and it would be good if I could start getting organised before the day of.

    • K

      I’ve made this multiple times, usually in big batches to eat through out the week, or I will freeze it and just warm it up when I want it. It’s still just as good, I always use an extra can of coconut milk as well. Hope this helps.

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