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  1. Lorraine

    After reading the reviews I was worried about a melting mess so I made the cookie dough and wrapped into a couple logs in plastic wrap and let them chill overnight. Preheated The oven and sliced one of the logs. Then baked on a parchment lined sheet pan. Also I left out the nuts because I made these for picky boys. The cookies turned out great. Cookies for Sunday breakfast this week and I have a second log to bake for nighttime snack!!


  2. Jodi

    This recipe is really good. If you want a puffier cookie that doesn’t spread so much I suggest adding 1/3 cup of flour and chilling for 24 hours.


  3. Connor Moran

    Cookies flattened everywhere and made a huge mess, staying bubblegum soft.

    Oven was exactly 350 degrees (using a thermometer) and double checked every ingredient within 0.5 grams.
    Chilled mix before baking yet they were still sticky afterwards.

    I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. It was more like a cake in texture. Maybe the recipe temperature is too high or there is too many wet ingredients but this recipe was a diaster.


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  4. Valerie

    I found maple chips at the grocery store this evening and I was looking for a cookie recipe to toss them in. I think this may be it!

  5. Cheryl

    these have been my son’s favorites for years and I just discovered this recipe. I know this sounds weird but a co-worker of his used to make these for him on a weekly basis and he kept bragging about them. About 15 years later we finally got the recipe from his co-worker.


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