No ImageMaple Orange Glazed Carrots

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  1. Bot

    Assume we can add the salt anytime? It’s missing :)

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  2. Ann Marie K.

    I made these today for Christmas dinner. I needed a sweet dish and this fit the bill. This was enough for my small party of 5 (one child who wouldn’t touch them). Everyone really liked them. I used a fresh squeezed orange and I cut the the carrots on a diagonal because my carrots were quite skinny. I will use this recipe again. Be careful at the end of the cooking; the maple syrup started to burn while I was mashing my potatoes!


  3. JuMarCh

    Maybe I sliced by carrots too thin (I used a mandolin to make it easier) but I thought this recipe turned out too sweet. More like candied carrots. I like the idea, but I would probably tweak some of the proportions and add in a savory herb instead of cinnamon to balance.

  4. cheryl

    This recipe is delicious! 5th recipe I’ve tried for cooked carrots & was really happy with not needing milk. Any warm spice would be a fine addition or substitution to the cinnamon. Watch the last minute of the cooking, the sauce thickens quickly and can burn to the pan. Will make again & again.


  5. Colleen Wood-Smith

    this looks and smells great! and very easy. i had OJ and syrup in my fridge anyway! baby carrots work really well. i just made them with baby carrots and it cuts your time down a lot. made the whole house smell good and yummy too!


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