No ImageMarsala Glazed Mushrooms

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  1. Mark

    Try browning a pork tenderloin in the pan first, finishing in the oven. Once done, remove the pork and tent w/ foil, then add the mushrooms to the pan and go to town.


  2. Bonnie

    I add fresh garlic to my mushrooms do not overcook garlic as it will get bitter.. thanks for the receipe.

  3. Suzanne

    I never used this dry sauté technique but now I see the error of my ways. This recipe is fabulous! It heightens the earthy mushroom taste tenfold. Five+ stars.


  4. Natasha

    These are amazing. Super easy and incredibly flavorful. I think I’ll have to double or triple the recipe next time.


  5. Paula

    This is my go to recipe for mushrooms when grilling steak….They have a wonderful entertainment aspect with the squeaking! Ours guests have been truly mesmerized listening to them cook! I make this recipe as given – If anything I may cut down on the butter – This is a great recipe!!


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