No ImageMashed Rutabaga with Sour Cream and Dill

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  1. cathy

    We are Newfoundlanders and always make Rutabagas and carrots together . Mash together with salt and pepper and some butter or marg and a half a tsp sugar. we like brown sugar. It goes great with turkey and all the fixings.

  2. Kim B.

    Thank you for this recipe. So helpful because we never prepared rutabagas before. When you said to peel and chop them and then had the pictures with each step it provided a fantastic guide. Instead of sour cream we used plain goat milk yogurt with a little splash of heavy cream,
    the butter,salt and pepper I apologize but am not a fan of dill so we skipped that but totally thought it was scrumptious.Thanks again for your great recipe and awesome directions !


  3. Peggy

    I cook them I need my air fryer, tossed first in evoo, minced garlic, rosemary, s&p. Love them !!

  4. Greg

    I sometimes mix my mashed ‘begas with diced and sautéed spicy sausage.

  5. Mike Boyle

    My mother-in -law and I mix them with mashed potatoes. The potatoes are made with sour cream and margarine ( could not afford butter back in the day). I use 2/3 rutabagas to 1/3 mashed potatoes. We are both black pepper nuts and use lots of it!

  6. Edie Tyler

    I mashed rutabaga with steamed cauliflower, butter, garlic sea salt and pepper and had leftover turkey gravy on top. Delicious.

  7. joannA

    My great grandma cubes them and boils them with Bacon greasetil tender and serves with salt and pepper soo good. :)

  8. Eric Yendall

    I love mashed rutabega (swede) prepared like mashed potatoes with a little butter and milk. Also good added with other root vegetables in a stew. But it is also great eaten raw along with carrot sticks and celery.

  9. Elise A

    Rutabaga belong in U.P. pasties. Yum! They’re hard for me to find where I live but if I find them, I’ll try this recipe. The combination with dill sounds great.

  10. Amanda

    I love rutabagas! Growing up my mother would boil them with a few carrots then mash it all up. They were always on our Thanksgiving table, but my father and I were the only ones that ate them. I still make them when I’m craving comfort food.

  11. Lee

    Heck with cooking. Peel, slice like french fries or sweet potato fries,
    sprinkle with salt and pepper and chow down. Great snack!

    • Vanessa

      Hey lee, i never thought about that, thanks so much…vanessa

  12. Elaine

    I roast them as I do almost every vegetable that comes through the door. Root veggies are especially good this way and rutabagas are no exception. This post made me realize I need some to add to the onions and sweet potatoes I already have to roast for non-turkey day, called that as I am a vegetarian!

  13. MSJAM

    My mother would make mashed rutabaga and potatoes with lots of butter for Thanksgiving…… Miss my mother’s cook

    • Vanessa

      Hey MSJAM…..I totally feel ya, I miss my mom’s cooking so much but I’m so glad I was the type of child that didn’t really go outside, but stayed inside and watched her cook almost all her meals.

  14. monica

    My mom uses it in a mock thai green papaya salad. Instead of the green papaya we use the rutabaga! just shredded it, along with carrots, red bell peppers and cabbage. Then dress with a rice vinegar/fish sauce/chilli pepper/sugar dressing. Yummy!

  15. Heather

    Mmm, I love rutabaga mashed with potatoes, cream cheese, herbs, and garlic. I also love to pickle it in a brine with some beets.

  16. McMaggieMom

    I grew up in Wisconsin,enjoying raw rutabaga as a child. There is even a rutabaga festival in Cumberland, WI every fall! Love their fried “beggies.”I love including them with the cabbage & potatoes in my boiled corned beef dinners. The dill sounds especially yummy. Thanks

  17. Darryl

    My mother in law made a Rutabaga casserole. Now my wife makes the same casserole for Christmas dinner. The first time I tried it I didn’t like it so well but each Thanksgiving and Christmas it was there and now I really like it. Like all the other recipes, 3-4 lbs Rutabagas, you cube and boil, mash, then add 4-5 eggs, sugar, butter, salt (all to taste testing). Put in large glass cake pan and bake for 30 minutes or so, until golden brown on top. I pepper mine after scooping a big bunch on my plate. I like the other recipes you have listed.
    Hope my wife will try the sour cream and dill

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