No ImageMatzo Brei

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  1. Alan

    My mom always boiled the water before pouring it over the crushed matzo in a spaghetti strainer. Then fried it with eggs cinnamon and sugar.

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  2. Richard

    Non kosher matza brei?!?

  3. Pam

    This savory version is very close to my mom’s family recipe with one exception… a fried egg (over medium) on top and some fresh sliced tomato on the side. Delish.


  4. Robin

    My mom’s old recipe card didn’t have instructions, just ingredients, so chose this recipe after reviewing multiple online. It was ok, but there was just way too much milk taste for our liking. Next time would choose an egg with water (and maybe a splash of milk) recipe over this one. Also, making this with schmaltz (chicken fat) along with or instead of butter can go either sweet or savory, but the schmaltz lends an authentic old world taste that brings back memories.


  5. Robin

    We made the sweet one. Easy and delicious.


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