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  1. Carole

    My mom let the eggs and matzoh sit in the pan until mostly cooked and the flipped them over to finish cooking.
    And if you’re using gluten-free matzoh, add an extra to the recipe for a better matzoh to egg ratio.


  2. Steve

    “Shmura matzah” is an artisinal matzah made entirely by hand under strict rabbinic supervision, and not matzah made from a particular type of flour. Before the invention of machines to make matzah, all matzah was made this way. Many in the Orthodox Jewish community do not accept the idea that machine made matzah could be “kosher for Passover”, meaning that macine made matzah does not pass muster for the particular rules of food for Passover.

  3. AnnieM

    Just wanted to comment that matsah brei, as you heard growing up, is also correct. Spelling depends on being Sephardic vs. Ashkenazic. Or something like that–what do I know, I’m not Jewish ;-)

  4. m

    i grew up eating the world’s simplest matzo brei recipe. 2 eggs, 1 sheet of matzo. heat skillet, add butter to melt. run matzo under running water for 30 seconds, break into pieces into skillet, fry in butter for a minute or two, add scrambled eggs to skillet. stir until set to desired consistence. salt. done. yum.

  5. Bob

    I add tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, cheese, in huge pan so there are plenty of leftovers. Thanks for posting the recipe!

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