No ImageMediterranean Tuna Pasta

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  1. the connasewer

    Wild Planet at Costco is tops and a 4-pack deal.

  2. Barb

    It was very good! I made this during winter when fresh tomatoes aren’t very good, so I did omit it and also cooked the onion because I wanted it as a hot dish rather than a salad.


  3. Nana

    American Tuna is the only brand I buy anymore. Pricey but worth EVERY RED CENT! USA caught and canned and of exquisite taste. Never going back to fake tuna again. Canned and cook so has its own oils. Awesome sauce!!!!

  4. Karen

    Just wondering what brand tuna everyone is using? I’m not a fish eater but trying to train myself to like it for health purposes. I always just bought Chicken of The Sea, Bumblebee, etc) in the can. Also I heard that albacore has a lot more mercury in it than the darker tuna. I stopped buying tuna in oil years ago so I’m really at a loss. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m determined to start eating vegan so fish must be in the diet ….

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  5. Betty Haniotakis

    This turned out great – I used 500 grams of gluten-free rotini (hate having uncooked pasta left over), a handful of cherry tomatoes (quartered), and double most of the ingredients except the tuna. I used the olive oil from the tuna which gave a nice flavor. Did not have Mozzarella, so used a bland cheese blend plus some flavorful Greek cheese (not feta). We added some pantry items to each plate to taste (prepared horseradish, soy sauce, good balsamic vinegar), Thanks for the inspiration.


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