No ImageMembrillo (Quince Paste)

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  1. Deb Moreheart

    I am very pleased with the result and took note of all comments beforehand. I only have an inexpensive bench top pizza oven so finished off at 100* and sealed the top with lightly buttered parchment paper to prevent a darker skin forming on the surface. This way I could leave it a couple of hours on low.
    Also I kept all seeds in a muslin bag as the sugar purée mix rendered down. With sugar I used 3/4 cup to an overfull cup of purée which worked fine.
    I have wrapped them in parchment paper parcels and keep in a sealed plastic container; they make a lovely gift.


  2. Vivien

    I made the jelly and the paste. The paste was in the oven for hours, did not set. I did what was suggested to put in microwave for 5 minute incriments for 20 mins. It has now been put in the oven and the consistency seems like its going be right this time. The mistake I made was that I didnt put lemon juice in it – I put this in before I put in the microwave. Fingers crossed, all a learning curve – will be onto it next year when I have another turn. The Quince jelly is wonderful and the colour is like a ruby jewel, tastes incredible and I am so pleased.

  3. Ghislaine.

    I just tried the recipe, I had to add pectin powder diluted in a few tablespoon fulls of the cooking juice of the quince I had not discarded yet as a retrofit option, as even with a muslin bag of all the quince pips included and the lemon rind it was not going to set any time soon, checking with the cooling spoon test I usually do with jams and jellies. Fortunately I found one pectin product you could do that with (Special Ingredients Premium Quality Natural Pectin Powder as I do not have a microwave oven for health reasons. The 1 1/2 hours were needed to get to a thick fromage frais/smooth cottage cheese consistency. Once pectin in and brought back to a rolling boil for 1 minute, then cooled down for 10 minutes, I poured it in a dish lined with parchment paper at the recommended thickness on a low fan assisted oven setting of 100oC with the oven door ajar for 1 hour on one side with a rest of 1/2 day and another hour on the other side to get 3/4 there in the drying. It is now resting at room temperature with a tea towel on top to finish it off for a couple more days and it looks very promising. So far it tastes just like the quince “pate de fruit” I was given when I was little and living in France. I enjoyed the scrapings from the sides of the pan before washing it ! what a trip down memory lane ! I have another 2 batches to make, I may try the jelly with the second one and blanch/freeze the 3rd for later use, as it is said that quince freezes well.

  4. Brian in Umbria

    I made this deep in the umbrian hills in Italy from a surprisingly large crop of Quinces this year. it is a perfect consistency. I did wrap all the cores with pips in a muslin bag and suspended this in the fruit boil and i think it may well have contributed to a very firm set.
    Great recipe and thanks


  5. Tim in Srattle

    I made this….it is delicious!
    I am not sure how firm it is supposed to be. Mine turned out easily spreadable, more firm than jam,


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