No ImageMexican Chicken Lime Soup (Sopa de Lima)

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  1. Chris Webb

    I made this with roitisary chicken. Too much chicken for soup, but it made the best tostada topping! It soaked up all the yummy flavor from the soup! This is definatly a keeper!


  2. Steve

    Made it last night and it turned out really well! Smelled incredible whilst simmering away. Tasted bright and refreshing, nicely balanced with the addition of avocado and tortillas. Thanks for the recipe Elise!!


  3. Grethel Antczak

    Question: how hot is it with the habanero? I have little ones that love soup but won’t eat spicy hot.

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  4. Kate

    While lima does mean lime, this soup is made with the lima fruit from Yucatan, not a lime.

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  5. april

    delicious. reminded me of tlalpeno soup (a northern mexico favorite).


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