No ImageMexican Green Bean Salad

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  1. Maura

    I made this last night and it was outstanding and just as delicious for breakfast and lunch today. I love green beans and this just makes me love them more.


  2. Melissa

    Made this tonight. Delicious. I didn’t have enough lime juice so next time I will add more. I wish I could post a photo of how pretty it looked in my serving bowl.


  3. Dohapaisley

    Could you recommend another cheese to use instead of Cotija? Perhaps Halloumi or Feta? I live in Qatar and am pretty sure cotija cheese is NOT available here… Or would it be better to just leave the Cheese out? Thanks :)

    You can substitute the cotija with feta, or another salty, relatively dry, crumbly cheese. ~Elise

  4. Deb

    OMG!!! I am eating this for dinner and for the first time am happy the rest of my family doesn’t like green beans because that means it’s all for MEMEMEME! I left out the cheese and jalapenos and only used red onions. I will be making this often!


  5. Mikutech

    I made this salad 2 times in 1 weeks time- 1 for a tex-mex BBQ and the other for my husbands work potluck. Both times the salad was devoured! A few alterations to the recipe:
    *Added an entire bunch of cilantro (YUM!)
    *Omitted the cheese (for my vegan friends)
    *I added 2 avacados, cubed, on top (with 1 entire lime juiced on them to stop the browning. Total limes used in the salad- 2)
    *Only used diced red onion
    Thank you for the recipe. It is amazing!

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