No ImageMexican Red Chili Sauce

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  1. Ken

    I don’t mean to seem picky, but in the recipe, when you call for 1 large clove garlic and 2 whole cloves, crushed, do you mean 1 garlic HEAD and 2 garlic cloves? I’ve been taught that a garlic HEAD (BULB?) contains many garlic CLOVES. I am confused what the recipe really calls for.

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  2. Tammy

    Much better than anything you can get from a can!


  3. Rita

    This is the tastiest, easiest-to-make red chili sauce for enchiladas. I’ve made it a bunch of times. Always perfect. Thank you thank you!


  4. Norma

    This sounds delicious…would like to know if there is a process for pressure canning this recipe.

  5. Cecilia

    Add chicken bouillon for boiling the Chili’s. Gives it a great flavor!

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