No ImageMexican Red Chili Sauce

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  1. Norma

    This sounds delicious…would like to know if there is a process for pressure canning this recipe.

  2. Cecilia

    Add chicken bouillon for boiling the Chili’s. Gives it a great flavor!

  3. shante

    If you do feel the heat of the hot seeds and juices use lime and suger to make a paste rub. Really helps the burn.

  4. Susan Lopez

    My father always used a food mill to puree the chiles after soaking. I use a blender but it’s not as smooth -even after straining. Only lightly roast the chiles or they will burn and taste bitter.

  5. Martina McConnell

    My son recently grabbed a hot chili and touched his eyes, he cried so hard I googled a few ways to get the sting out. We found water and alcohol worked fast, Made the sting go away and no longer burnt his eyes when he touch his fingers to eyes or mouth. Gloves are the best but if you need a fast fix it works. We tried Milk also it worked but took longer and still had a little sting.

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