No ImageMexican Shrimp Cocktail

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  1. Kathy Calvillo

    Absolutely perfect! I will be making this again for sure. I doubled the recipe and it was gone so fast, it was better than the restaurant that we normally eat at. My daughter said “Best shes ever Had” I recomend all fresh ingredients.


  2. Roobs

    Pretty good, but one lime is not enough for the whole thing. Best to have extra lime on hand and season to taste in your glass. And no decent Mexican would think of using Tabasco. Use Tapatio (or better yet Salsa Yaqui if you can find it, comes in a large bottle like Sriracha does). And for extra flavor, clamato works great!


  3. Matt

    Real Mexican shrimp cocktail has Clamato…

  4. Kimberly

    This was the best looking recipe to remind me of my Rocky Point fave!! Was so apprehensive of the ketchup and hid it from my diners. So after I chopped and minced everything, I put in the ketchup and chilled the bowl in the fridge right away. Asked them if they noticed any ketchup about an hour after we all ate seconds, and they all said no! Also they said not to skip it either that it was so perfect.

    This recipe is deserves 10 stars!!
    I used a 28 oz can of toms and minced one serrano vs using 15 oz can and a jala.
    It came out better than my fave spot in puerto penasco!!!


  5. Corina K

    I’m going to try this. Yummy.

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