No ImageMexican Three Bean Salad

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  1. [email protected]

    I used this recipe as inspiration, using a bit less jalapeño, fresh wax and green beans, plus a can of black beans, (no pintos) added a bit of chopped red bell pepper and mixed lime and lemon juice because I ran out of lime. The salad was delicious. Thanks Elise for a marvelous new take on 3-bean salad.

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  2. Penny

    Just had to add that this is AMAZING. Made it to snack on over the weekend and could not even come close to the 1-hour waiting time before eating the first dish, and it was fabulous. Looking forward to savoring the next day. Thanks Elise!

  3. Kim

    Made this for dinner tonight, exactly as written, including Cotija, it was fabulous!


  4. John Bilchak

    I made this for dinner last night as a side, and it was so awesome. Even better the next day. I used Fat Free Feta to cut down on the fat and it was still great.



  5. Jodi

    We had this with dinner last night. It was wonderful! Since I had only blue cheese on hand I left it out, used dried cilantro (didn’t grow it this year) and fresh parsley. I also used roasted red peppers instead of jalapenos and our yard-long beans for the green beans. This definitely is one I’ll be making again, especially for company.

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