No ImageMexican Wedding Cookies

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  1. Shade

    I made these with Earth Balance instead of butter (making them vegan) and they were absolutely delicious!!


  2. Jacqueline Church

    In step three WHICH measurement of sugar goes in? It reads as if only 3/4 C goes in and the remaining 1 1/4 C measurement is for coating.

    They’re inedible!

    My husband said “can you save them?”
    I said “no, you can’t put enough sugar on the outside to make up for what’s lacking on the inside”
    He said “Like people”


    you’re both so reliable and I just couldn’t put my hands on my recipe and you’re both always so reliable. Boo.

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  3. Dalila

    They were absolutely perfect. Texture, sweetness everything turned out amazing . Thank you so much for sharing this !


  4. Michelle

    I made these tonight and made it exactly as stated above with a cooking time of 18 minutes and it was way to long. All the bottoms were burned! :(

  5. Pamela

    The best recipe for these cookies. Nicely detailed. Thanks!


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