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  1. Jan Altus

    The neighbour (in our rental home in Florida) just had his lemon tree cut down and it was dumped, fully laden with fruit, on the road side. We collected over 14 pounds of fruit and, as ignorant Brits, were staggered by how sweet the fruits are, even to eat raw! Turns out they are Meyer lemons. We fully intend to consume, preserve and bake with every one of those lemons before we leave in three weeks time. Thanks so much for your inspiration.

    Hi Jan, what a bonanza! With that many Meyer lemons I recommend making Meyer lemon marmalade. ~Elise

  2. Mindy

    My husband said, “oooh, this is gourmet!” That put a smile on my face. This was soooo delicious! I made your salmon with lemon cream sauce to go with it. Nom nom nom. You are my go-to recipe source Elise!! Thank you for many delicious meals.


  3. Jean S

    I made this risotto tonight with the shrimp and added asparagus. The shrimp were partially cooked first in water seasoned with “Shrimp Boil” spices, then drained, peeled, and added to the risotto at the end in order to keep their flavor and not be overcooked. The asparagus worked well in it since lemon is something that most people will squeeze over it. What a great recipe. My husband told me to add it to the list of “Make It Again!”


  4. Emily

    I made this last night to go alongside a beef roast and it was just wonderful. The flavors work wonders together, especially the wine in the beginning. The only thing I changed was that I added in some herbs de provence rather than oregano, not a big change. Will definitely make this again, thanks for sharing.


  5. Shannon

    I thought I had a Meyer lemon, but when I went to make this risotto I discovered that someone else had used it. Fortunately, I had a lemon and an orange and used half one and half the other to make this.

    This was my first risotto recipe and I am definitely on the risotto train! I used Rosemary instead of oregano because I had the fresh growing, and served this with broiled chicken thighs and garlic.

    Thank you so much.


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