No ImageMignonette Sauce for Oysters

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  1. Froilan

    They were delicious


  2. Eric

    Why ever would you put salt on freshly opened oysters? The liquid in an oyster is 8% salt…

  3. Mark Backlund

    I loved it, and so did our guests, on the Pacifica oysters I grow in “grow bags” here in the San Juan Islands of Washington state. I made one modification, using white balsamic grapefruit vinegar instead of plain white vinegar. The citrus of the grapefruit added a sparkle note you could almost hear ring!


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  4. Chris

    This an amazing recipe. Just had it for the 5th time with my favorite Pacific NW Kushi oysters. I got a great idea from a local restaurant in Seattle to freeze it then serve it a crushed ice. It adds a refreshing dimension that you will just have to try to experience how incredibly good it is.

  5. curiouscook

    please mince your shallots opposed to relying on a food processor. The end result will be dramatically superior. By mincing (not chopping with a chef knife) the flavor/juice will remain intact until crushed by your teeth with enjoying the oyster resulting in enjoying the sauce to as it was originally prepared.

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