No ImageMinestrone Soup

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  1. Alyssa

    It’s so cold here in RI, soup is my best friend these days. Minestrone soup is one of my favorites…any soup with beans and I’m in :)

  2. Catharine

    This soup is great, but extra delicious with the following add-ons if available: a tablespoon of tomato paste (with the herbs), a big glug of white wine, and a parmesan rind (both with the chicken stock). Huge hit in our house — thank you!


  3. Leslie

    I’m an Oregon grandma. Some of my family is vegetarian / vegan. Perfect family meal with crusty sourdough bread and blackberry cobbler. I’ve already been asked to share my recipe!


  4. Lynn

    Excellent First time I even attempted to make minestrone soup it turned out Excellent using this recipe. My kids loved it and are already asking for me to make it again. Thank you


  5. Marsha

    I took about a third of it and puréed it and added it back to make a thicker soup. I also added about a half cup of tomato sauce. I think in the future I would add more beans too.


  6. Barbara

    I don’t usually comment on recipes, but my husband could eat this wonderful minestrone every night!


  7. Amanda

    What’s the best way to use meat in this recipe? I’m looking for more protein in my meals, but perhaps the beans are enough?

    • Lisa B.

      You can brown a pound of sweet Italian sausage, casings removed if you’d like more protein.

    • Oscar

      Have the soup with a nice grill cheese sandwich. Or grilled ham and cheese. But….This soup is a great way to have a vegan lunch. Just eat more. Have you proteins for dinner.

  8. Alida @My Little Italian Kitchen

    Hey! I could never say no to a minestrone. This is my favorite food ever! My mamma used to make it for me every week and now I make it as often as I can. So healthy and nutritious!

  9. Virginia Murrell

    This sounds great, we love soup. I would omit the potato, for personal taste reasons, but, I’ll make this.

  10. Sara @ Last Night's Feast

    This looks so comforting

  11. Keena

    Love this soup! Only 2 things I’d add. Italians put in the heel of a Parmesan rind which adds so much umami and is sooo tasty. I also throw in a small 4 oz can of V8 and it adds just a little extra veg punch. Bonus if you make too much, it freezes well and is so nice to just heat up on a busy night.


  12. Brooklyn Murtaugh

    Minestrone is by far my favorite soup, I could eat it every day I swear. I’ve never made my own though!

  13. Martha

    This is the best minnestroni I’ve made in a long time. The fennel was subtle in the finish, the zucchini contrasted so well with the soft potatoes. Yum!

  14. Janet

    Want to make this for lunch! Just wondered if I could substitute other vegetables for the cabbage & zucchini (only ingredients I don’t have & I don’t want to go to the store). Thank you!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Janet, minestrone can be made with any vegetables, the best ones to use are the ones that are in season where you are.