No ImageMom’s Cold-Season Chicken Soup

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  1. Gina

    I make my chicken soup the same exact way except I put in riced cauliflower and I’ve never put green onions in mine before. I’m making one right now and I added them in. Can’t wait to try it!!


  2. Lyss

    Hello I made this soup and it’s delicious! I was wondering of you had Nutrition Facts for this recipe so I can put it in my food tracker app? Thank you!

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  3. Carolyn Henderson

    Winter time here and we have been sick with pneumonia and bronchitis yes great household NOT!!
    For the last 4 weeks, the weekends I’d make up a huge pot of chicken or turkey soup from scratch basically the same as suggested. The last one was made from a whole brought roast chicken, just stripped the meat off the bones throwing the skin bone etc in to the stock pot ; chopping the meat up to add later when making the soup.
    Another suggestion I did was add slices of fresh ginger when making the stock also adding some with the veggies. I like the taste but it really helps with
    healing the body as it warms the inside organs. This was something I learnt from my Doctor.
    I have just finished moving the roasted marrow bones to the stove top to cook for 5 hours this will be my first ever beef broth I have made sure not like the stuff..mum made us eat.

  4. Jennifer

    I made this as written today (as well as making the chicken stock recipe) and all I can say is I have made MANY different types of chicken soups and stocks and this one is now my favorite!

    I am putting the batch in the freezer for the winter when my little ones get a cold. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Julie

    Can I add noodles to this? I am cooking the stock now and making the soup tomorrow. I would love to make it chicken noodle soup so I was wondering when would be the best time to add noodles? Also, should I let them cook in the soup or precook them before putting them in?


    Look at the package of noodles to see how long they need to cook, and then just add them that many minutes before serving. ~Elise

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