No ImagePan-Fried London Broil Steak

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  1. Rach

    Loved it. So glad I found this recipe.


  2. Lyndsey

    I made this exactly. It was the best I’ve had in awhile and so simple. My fiance loved it. He even complimented how gorgeous it looked.


    • Lyndsey

      Your welcome. My thanks to your Mom.
      It was great . Especially for being so simple. And I was in a hurry didn’t have time for a marinade or other recipes that usually call for soy sauce. I have to admit my dry mustard is old. Lol that spice has been in my cabinet for who knows how long. So I was a bit worried . Well apparently it doesn’t go bad. Lol

    • Elise Bauer

      I’m so glad you liked it Lyndsey!

  3. Sherry Exum

    What if you don’t like medium rare?

  4. Connie

    Marinade in homemade red wine vinigar and olive oil with souces over night. Dried off, coated in soft butter added spices. In a hot iron skillet in over at 500 degrees 3 minutes each side. Set the smoke detectors off but a great steak.

  5. Sara

    Enjoyed making this as recipe stated exactly. Turned out very good. I will be sure to sear the sides next time.


  6. Jody

    I love making it this way! The only change I make is I use a homemade herb butter. Soo darn good . Quick and easy too. I also take the leftovers and use them on top of salad for a complete meal for lunches.


  7. Mama04

    This is a simple and easy recipe to follow! My London Broil steak was a hit! I opted for garlic instead of dry mustard and it turned out great! Thanks!


  8. Chelsea M

    Just wanted to stop on by and thank you graciously for sharing this recipe! I did exactly what the recipe stated and it came out divine! So happy because sometimes this cut of meat is half off and I can get a huge chunk of meat for next to nothing. So thank you!!


  9. Andrea

    Great way to cook this steak. Came out perfect and tender. My steak was about 2 inches thick. After searing, I cooked in oven for a good 10 minutes. I like this method for cooking steaks better than grilling.


  10. Jessica

    Made this tonight. It turned out to be the best London Broil I’ve ever had! Pan fried is the way to go for this type of meat. Pan seared both sides of the 3 lb. cut I had and finished it off in the oven being very careful to not go past 130 -135 internal temp and let it rest. Perfect medium rare.


  11. Emma P

    Tried it once & today will be my umpteenth time making it on cast iron grill. This IS delicious! I turn it several times after initial searing to get it just right for our taste.


  12. Maureen

    I’d get it 5 stars because of the taste but cooking this in a hot cast iron pan produced so much smoke my vent couldn’t handle it and my alarms went off and we then got to meet our local fire and police department. Lol. Sony the time we sat down to eat my steak had rested far to long and my perfect med rare steak was medium. Thank goodness it was still tender enough to eat. So next time I am cooking with my cast iron pan on my BBQ. So smoke won’t be a problem. Lol.


    • Lyndsey

      Probably just lower the flame some. Just sear long enough to brown each side then straight to oven. I had no. Issues with the cast iron, and oven finished it. Make sure it’s a well seasoned pan


    Well Elise, Looks like I’m gonna follow your cooking method! I have a nice Angus Harris Ranch London Broil sitting on the counter now. It has been marinating for 3 days because I was afraid to ruin it in the broiler (like all the rest). I CAN’T WAIT TO TASTE IT!
    Butter makes it Better!

  14. Maggy

    Thank you so much for this terrific recipe. I’ve made it many, many times & after last night’s meal I thought to myself, you know, she might appreciate it if I left a review about how much I love this method! My husband & I love our slab of commissary-labeled London Broil no other way.
    All I do is add garlic & onion powder to the salt/pepper/mustard mix, & I always add dill to steak, as it gives the meat a little extra something special. For an inch thick steak, I do 3 minutes a side on my stove’s level 8, then 5 minutes rest, untented & away from the hot burner but still in the pan. This yields perfect, tender, reddish medium rare. Your recipe instructions & photo layout are clear & easy to follow, & I appreciate that!
    Thanks again for sharing.


  15. Robin

    I had just bought a “London Broil.” I searched and found your recipe. May I say your mother was a genius coming up with this. So simple, yet it totally accentuated the taste and texture of the meat. Thanks to you both! I will definitely make again.


  16. Debbie

    Hi Elise,
    This recipe looks amazing. I’m planning to make this for Christmas Day. We’ll have 16 guests for dinner; could I make it ahead of time? Sear, then reheat later? Or should I cook and serve right away?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Debbie, steak is something I think should be cooked when you are ready for it, not ahead.

  17. Janet Campbell

    gracias por esta receta muy buena

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