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  1. Mary

    Thank you Elise for this recipe. I made it today and the breast meat was very moist and tender. Unfortunately the legs were not done and I had to put them back in the oven and bake them longer. The meat was very pink Inside. Can you tell me what rack you put your roasting pan On in the oven? I’m not sure if that made a difference. For the legs not cooking properly. I put my pan in the center of the oven. It was the third rack up from the bottom and the oven has 6 rack holders. Thanks very much. I want to try it again fir Thanksgiving so need to find out what I did wrong. I appreciate your advice.


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  2. Vonda

    Excellent recipe. Also, I want to Express just how nicely the directions were done. Very nice to follow.

  3. Claudia

    Very good!
    I didn’t use the high heat during beginning – and only needed 2.5 hours for a 15 pound turkey. (but we just had a new convection oven and maybe that’s why).

    This time I used an Organic One – it makes a huge difference! From now on our Thanksgiving Turkey will be Organic and we will probably use this method again.

    (these past years, I always brined it – I always do prep my own brine).


  4. Carol

    This was wonderful. I am so tired of brined/dry brined turkeys with sugar, garlic and weird red spices. The meat doesn’t taste like turkey and the drippings are too salty to make gravy. I followed the recipe closely. I added a cup of water to the roasting pan a couple of times because I didn’t want the fat to burn. The breast was pale, but I turned the turkey over and put it under the broiler as directed. The 10 lb turkey was done in less than 2 hours probably because I have a convection oven. Thanks!


  5. Lou

    I’ve been using this recipe for 6 years. Everybody I’ve subjected it to has said it’s the best turkey they’ve ever had. Not sure why conventional “wisdom” still dictates cooking turkey breast side up. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.


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