No ImageMom’s Warm Potato Salad

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  1. frogette

    Would it work to replace the celery with green bell pepper, and the parsley with cilantro? (I don’t like raw celery, and I love cilantro).

  2. Cindy

    I made this the other day, but eyeballed it for portions for 2. I didn’t have any rice vinegar, but I had some Mirin rice wine and regular distilled white vinegar, so I used those combined (more vinegar than the wine), and it came out great.

    It’s so good when it’s warm, but the leftovers are delicious straight out of the refrigerator, too!


  3. arthistorybabe

    This is great – FYI – makes a ton if you are only cooking for two. Worth sharing with neightbors. Favorite pot salad besides mother-in-laws traditionsl with mayo. Thank you!


  4. sukogirl

    Thank you, Elise! My husband and I both enjoyed this recipe. I didn’t have any olives so I used capers instead.


  5. arthistorybabe

    I made this – it was very good, a real keeper. This is even good cold. I threw in some capers for grins because they were there. Thanks!!!


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