No ImageMoqueca – Brazilian Fish Stew

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  1. MKJ

    Hi Elise,
    I am making this Moqueca very soon but have a duhhh question first: how is rice served with it? On the side? Under the moqueca? ( that is so fun to say, moqueca!)
    I haven’t seen this Q asked by anyone else so the answer must be obvious to most all. Thank you for holding my hand through this preparation.

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  2. Diamond

    This is like the first recipe where the results are good without having to modify it or add outside ingredients. I’m in love. We had this at a Brazilian restaurant last weekend, and we talked about it all the following Week. So when I found it my husband was on it to the store. Luckily we had everything in the house but tomatoes. So definitely keeping this as a go to recipe for a quick dinner. It was so filling with the rice too.


  3. Eby

    I have a question:
    How would I convert this to feed 60people?

    I only ask because I don’t have experience in converting some for so few into something for so many.

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  4. Ebs

    It was great thank you so much!
    Did a test batch and even my toughest family liked it.


  5. Cari

    This is excellent. You can add shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams and top with crab too!


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