No ImageMoqueca – Brazilian Fish Stew

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  1. Jess

    This is a fantastic recipe!! Arguably one of my top three dishes I’ve ever made. Yes, ever!

    I made the following modifications that I would repeat next time:
    – Used 2 whole bell peppers
    – Added 8 oz of shrimp (this would be delicious with other seafood too)
    – Added way more paprika
    – Added about ~1 tsp. of cayenne pepper, oregano, and basil
    – Added more lime juice plus the juice of one lemon
    – Added 3/4 cup of farro to make it a bit more hearty
    – Swapped the fresh tomatoes for a 28oz can (I’m sure fresh is really good too)
    – Added 2 cups of chicken stock (I’m sure fish stock would be even better but I couldn’t find any at Whole Foods)

    Next time I would:
    – Add zest of 1-2 limes
    – Maybe try adding other vegetables like mushrooms

  2. viv

    Fantastic. I used fresh cod and added quite a bit of extra lime and chili peppers to give it some kick. I also doubled the onion and pepper quantities. Seemed a little skimpy.


  3. Krystal Barreira

    This has become mine and my moms favorite soup! I had most of the stuff to make it so we just tried it one day, not expecting to like it, but OMG so good. I put lots of extra onions and peppers in it. For those in the Midwest where grocery store selection is really sad, I just found, at Schnucks, a little turning shelf near the vegetable area that has Hungarian Paprika. I bought a huge container of Spanish sweet paprika for about $10 off ebay and it has such a good fragrance and taste like no paprika I’ve ever tasted. And for those unsure about the coconut milk being chunky or solidified and has no or next to no coconut smell, it was still good in my stew and not soured. I just add my dry rice and water into the stew as I cook it and it becomes like an amazing jambalaya. I’ve doubled and tripled this recipe just fine. I love it with cod and bay scallops, which is easy to get frozen in the Midwest and fairly cheap. I’ve tried shrimp in it, but didn’t care for the texture, but the addition of bay scallops is a must! And for those of you that don’t like spice, a pinch of red pepper flakes added flavor but no hotness.


  4. Diane

    A story. After onions & bell peppers were sauteed, the paprika & red pepper flakes were added, as I was seasoning w/ salt and pepper, the top popped off and the whole pepper container dumped into the pot. With guests arriving any second, I took a poured the veggies into a colander, rinsed most of the pepper off with cold water, added a bit of olive oil to the pot, returned the veggies (which remained fairly seasoned), and continued with the rest of the recipe. Turned out delicious! Added uncooked shrimp 8 minutes after the cod, and stirred in a bit of crab meat at the end. Also, made the rice – so good! Thank you for a fabulous (and forgiving) recipe!


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  5. Ike

    Wow! I put a splash of red wine into the sautéed veggies and added a cup of chicken broth. I also floured the fish pieces and pre-cooked them in a little olive oil, adding them to the stew at the last minute just long enough to heat them up. Absolutely delicious!

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