No ImageMoqueca – Brazilian Fish Stew

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  1. Danielle

    We doubled the coconut milk. We’ll have to double the recipe next time because the boys couldn’t stop eating it and we had none left for tomorrow night! Probably one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.


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  2. Jeannette

    Made this tonight with fresh halibut while on vacation in Maine! Awesome! We did use only half of the bunch of cilantro- it seemed like a generously sized bunch!

    The timing was off for me; I forgot to cook rice- so we opted for garlic bread.

    It was an excellent recipe- with 1 1/2 # of halibut it was perfect for four adults.

    Thank you- will definitely make this again!

    The one concern with the recipe is that it could be more clear not to include the lime juice marinade in the stew. I used a little, but not all.


  3. Carnicia Humphery

    Can you use any other milk besides coconut milk?

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  4. Angela

    This was super good! I enjoyed it much more than expected! I added fresh thai basil at the end- a great decision!


  5. Diane

    I have made this a dozen times and just LOVE it! Very simple and great instructions—love the placement for cooking—keeps the fish all “together” for serving. I add whatever is in the fridge to get used up—mushrooms, kale., asparagus. Always surprisingly easy and tasty


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