No ImageMoroccan Chickpea Barley Salad

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  1. J

    Any cost-effective substition ideas for the pistachios/pine nuts that maintains the spirit of the salad? Either of those is over $10 for a 1/2 cup here, which is out of our budget.

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  2. April

    Really enjoyed the variety, I’m a lightweight when it comes to spice, so I omit the cayenne and half the black pepper for my personal taste. Love the flexibility that can be done with the spice mix. Delicious way to mix it up!


  3. LT

    Been making this for years for vegans & carnivores and seems all are happy. I increase garbanzo beans and reduce barley by half plus I double the ras al hanout bc I mean why not make newbies AWARE lol?!


  4. Stephanie

    Soooooo tasty and such a nice break from our typical dinner ruts. Will definitely be making again.


  5. beth

    delicious! made this last night with the heritage grain mix from Trader Joe’s, as that was kicking around my cabinet. i cooked the grains according to the package, adding veg boullion to the water, then combined the lemon, oil, and ras al hanout as a dressing and mixed all the ingredients together. i also like it slightly warm (because i had to sample it right after making it). every bite is a little different, and it makes for a great lunch.


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