No ImageMrs. Adams’ Delicious Pound Cake

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  1. Robin

    I made the cake and it smelled wonderful it even tasted good, however, it was DRY. What did I do wrong? I’m willing to try it again. Plus, the top was crazy looking that the cake couldn’t rest level on the plate.

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  2. Michelle

    This is arguably the best cake I’ve ever made! I added a tablespoon of orange zest and swapped one teaspoon of vanilla for almond extract. I used cake flour and the imperial whatever it is butter substitute because it was way cheaper than butter. I made whipped cream and added vanilla and almond extract and powdered sugar. I used Nordic Ware’s heritage bundt pan… Got lots of compliments on the presentation, and sighs of pleasure when we finally dug in. It was a huge hit! My only issue was that the edges got pretty hard and crust like (which people actually liked-could be due to the ridges of the bundt pan), but then there were small pockets of very very slightly undercooked cake near the top (which when flipped was the bottom). We kept it in for ten minutes longer, but not sure how to evenly cook it in the future. Still tasted divine and was quite easy to pull together. This is a five star recipe! Thanks, Elise! You’ll make gourmet cooks of us all

  3. Miguel

    Ok, I prepared this one last week and, as always, the recipe worked perfect (with margarine, despite my wife’s complaints). Without a problem, I got a perfect pound cake that looked perfect for a magazine cover. I added the zest of one lemon and the aroma and flavor just got better. However it still looks a little dry to me so next time (It will be next time) I will try with adding some liquid (I’ve heard of milk, yogurt or even sprite, like half a cup or so) and see what happens. I would go back to butter as well, just for the sake of the health and stuff. Thanks Elise!


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  4. linda harness

    I make it exactly the same except i alternate 2eggs with 1 cup of all purpose flour using 3cups of flour. I’ve never used cake flour nor have I shifted it but going to try it sounds yummy
    Thanks For the receipe

  5. Vicky

    Thank you for posting this recipe. My grandmother, Bigmama, made a pound cake with powdered sugar and I was searching for something like it. This pound cake is it! I used Imperial margarine, because that is what I had. I have started using it again, as the laws have changed and it does not have trans fat anymore. I was very careful to cream the margarine and sugar very well, until really fluffy. And I was careful to just barely mix in the flour, so gluten did not develop. It was rich and dense on the inside, crispy on the outside, all around perfect. I will keep this recipe to pass down to my daughters. Thanks again!

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