No ImageMushroom Caviar

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  1. jessica

    Can I make this a day in advance?

    Yes, easily. ~Elise

  2. Mary Morris

    I made this for my wine appreciation class I just finished taking at the Santa Rosa JC, you know, one of those classes that are just for fun. Our last class covered sparkling wines, and your mushroom caviar paired perfectly with the flights of champagne presented. Our instructor and I’d say all of the students in the class were bowled over and insisted on having the recipe. I wrote “Mushroom Caviar” on the blackboard. I served it in a small bowl surrounded with crackers, and I only took home a few crackers, the bowl with the mushroom caviar was polished clean. I highly recommend this as a great addition to the usual cheese fare at wine/cocktail parties. I definitely will make it again. Thanks, Elise!

    Great! You’re welcome Mary. ~Elise

  3. Jasmine

    Can I use regular sherry instead of dry white wine? I couldn’t find dry sherry so I got a regular one.

    Or can I completely skip the wine step since I don’t have dry white wine?

    It’s only a tablespoon, you can skip it entirely. ~Elise

  4. Tiffany

    Elise, I made this today and it was OUTSTANDING!!! If I could, I would blog about it, but there’s none of it left, otherwise I would’ve taken a picture. I bought some local mushrooms at the market and was looking for a way to use them–this recipe did not disappoint. Thanks for sharing such a delicious and easy recipe!

  5. Amy Artisan

    What a great recipe! I’ve made it twice this week to rave reviews & requests for the recipe! :) I’ve blogged about it in today’s entry.

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