No ImageMushroom Risotto

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  1. Louise M

    Great. Save that last cup of broth. Had to let it sit a bit and that revived it.


  2. Steven

    I want to make this tonight but all I have is red wine. Will that make much of a difference? Is there something else I can sub for the wine?

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  3. Henni

    Just finished eating my first attempt of the mushroom risotto. It was amazing! I used brandy and Highline mini Bella mushrooms found at Costco. It was a little tiring stirring for such a long time but it was worth it. My next attempt will be a lobster risotto.

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  4. Susie

    This recipe is delicious! Just made it using a trio of mushrooms that were in a package at Kroger (blend of fresh gourmet), vegetable broth and barefoot Pinot Grigio – shocked myself that it tasted so good on the first try. Stayed with the simmering rice the whole time. Really fun to make! Thank you for this great recipe!


  5. glodie

    is it bad to use beef broth instead of chicken?

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