No ImageMushroom Sugo

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  1. Kayla

    This was a wonderful recipe! Thank you so much for introducing me to my new favorite sauce!


  2. rose

    made this recently and LOVED IT. was skeptical as it cooked because the mushroom aroma was kind of strong (i used probably 1.5 ounces of dried shrooms because the packages were under an ounce and i wanted to make sure the flavor was pronounced so i had to open two), but it was great. we added duck legs because…well why not…but mostly because i searched sugo recipes online and quite a few of them had shredded duck in them, so i figured corti’s recipe could easily handle the addition. so tasty. served it over goat cheese/parm polenta and it was out of this world.
    btw, have been long time fans of both you and corti bro’s, and it was such a treat to see his family recipe on your site.

    Thanks Rose! So glad you liked it. ~Elise


  3. Janet

    I forgot to mention that I used reconstituted parlsey (since I forgot fresh when I went to the grocery) and vegetable base in place of the red wine and buillion. I served it over polenta, as suggested (fried–not soft), with squash patties.

  4. Janet

    Used dried shitake since those were available, but this was SO good! Worth all the time it takes; definitely a keeper and a ‘forwarder’. Thanks, Elise.


  5. Megan McCann

    I just spent a very satisfying afternoon making this lovely dish. I love it and I will make it again and again. I am serving over polenta, making an elegant, yet hearty, meal. Just delicious. Thanks so much for posting!


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