No ImageNettle Soup

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  1. Heather

    Wonderful! I shared a picture on your Facebook guest page.


  2. CoreyPine

    Won’t the lemon in there curdle the cream when you add it? This looks delicious, going to try it today! Though without the cream for personal reasons.

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  3. JoeSnow

    There is more than one species of nettle, and some have fewer stingers than others. Varieties with fewer stingers would be the ones I would want for eating purposes because they are easier to handle.

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  4. Celia Duke Larsen

    I am considering saving the blanching water to drink as a tonic. Thoughts??

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  5. Jules

    Gorgeous soup, very balanced flavors. I made this vegan by using earth balance butter, broth made from veggie base and a bit of cashew cream I keep on hand on the refrigerator. Two of us ate it all in a couple hours! The nettles have passed for the season, I look forward to making it again next year!

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