No ImageNew England Apple Cheddar Galette

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  1. Tanya

    A pear and blue cheese variation would be delicious. Careful not to be too heavy with the blue cheese.

  2. Molly

    Can this crust be frozen? I love this galette, always make it for Thanksgiving by request. I would like to make one for Christmas too but would rather make the crust well ahead of time (and with the same tub of full fat sour cream which we don’t otherwise use). Thanks!

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  3. Denise Clegg

    I made this just before Thanksgiving to see how the family would like it. The crust was superb. Would be great for a quiche or a savory galette. I used jonagold apples and doubled the amount of maple syrup. The tapioca did not cook. There was very little juice for it to react with. I have made apple pies without butter and thickener before. As long as you keep the sweetener to a minimum the juice will not spread. I think that there should have been more maple syrup, or maple syrup and brown sugar.

  4. elise.kissling

    I made this for guests last night and it looked wonderful coming out of the oven. But we were all was disappointed. I told everyone to be honest. One good friend said: “It tastes like a pizza Hawaii with a note of Thai”. Next time I’ll go back to apples or pears with a slices of cheese.

  5. Yeni

    Oh my! Beat any apple pie I ever bought anywhere. I left the dough 2 nights in the fridge, but it still resulted in the easiest, flakiest crust. The filling is just the perfect balance of sweetness and savoriness. We don’t like sugary filling, so this one without a drop of sugar is just perfect! This will be our go to apple dessert now! Thanks for sharing Elise!

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