No ImageNew England Boiled Dinner

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  1. J.

    you HAVE TO include beets if this is truly NEBD…..

  2. Mark Frekki

    Mom made this, but with codfish. I would get up at 5 AM to finish the leftovers, cold, right from the fridge.

  3. timjjoebillybob

    I’ve a question. When people are referring to smoked butt/shoulder and using it interchangeable with picnic, what cut and how is it cured/smoked? Where I’m from a butt/shoulder is a way different hunk of meat than a picnic. Here, when we refer to a smoked butt/shoulder we are talking BBQ, a picnic or picnic ham can refer to a cured or “fresh” front leg of the pig. Usually when someone is talking about smoked butt/shoulder it’s fully cooked shredded pork.

  4. Joan

    I’m from Taunton, MA and make it mostly like yours, but like my mother I add the veggies a half hour before the meat is done and also a cup of Uncle Ben’s rice in a cheesecloth bag (or you can make your own bag with 3 new men’s handkerchiefs hand sewn together & a new shoestring minus the plastic ends). Tie tightly & balance the bag of rice on the veggies, get it boiling again, then back to simmer for a half hour. 20 minutes before the end of cooking I add the quartered cabbage around the bag of rice and get it boiling again, then simmer. I empty the hot bag of cooked rice in a separate bowl for serving. SO good in the plate with a generous pat of butter on top of the rice. Also, we mash the carrots together with the potato in our plate w/ a pat of butter. Bag can be used over and over again – I hand wash it really good then in the washing machine with the towel load on hot.

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  5. Shelley

    To keep the kids from eating the meat and leaving the vegetables on the plate, I’ve taken to cutting everything up and turning it into a Corned Beef and Cabbage Stew. It cooks faster, is eaten with gusto, and nothing is left behind!

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