No ImageNew England Boiled Dinner

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  1. AM2st

    We use a ham. My mom raised us with this dish, we’d serve veggies first, mash them with butter, add broth, meat on the side with French bread and butter. Yummy!

  2. cpk1979

    Try using a fresh Easter Kielbasa for the meat potion…. Serve with Fresh Rasped Horseradish.

  3. Lauren

    I’m amazed by all the folks who drain the meat and veggies to serve! My Mom always made it together in a big pot with potato’s, onions, carrots and parsnips, but ladled out the ‘soup’ in bowls. She then put the meat/veggies on a platter to add to the bowls….but we got a nice big bowl of soup to dip bread, biscuits or whatever in. I love this soup in fall, winter and spring.

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  4. Dee Phillips

    This is so much better using a smoked shoulder. But I do both. Also add a bit of vinegar to the water for a better flavor

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  5. J.

    you HAVE TO include beets if this is truly NEBD…..

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