No ImageHow to Cook and Eat Steamer Clams

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  1. LauraM

    Here’s a question: I soaked overnight in fridge in salted water because we couldn’t eat them last night. There are many with the feet all the way out. Some where the foot is out a little and a couple where it really isn’t out at all. Should I toss those? What about the ones were the foot is out a bit?

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  2. Kelly Mastin

    Thanks☺ for going into such great details for new bee clam eaters! Awesome!!! info!!#clams galore!


  3. Lee

    I dig clams and soak them in saltwater right from the beach! You can soak clams for 12 hours and they will be fine. Don’t forget that the holes are exposed only at low tide and there is 6 hours til high tide and 6 hours to low tide, so the clams holes are exposed for only 3 or 4 hours a day. Enjoy

  4. Ccdc

    I don’t use cornmeal to soak my steamers. It tends to bloat the bellies and make them mushy. I throw some minced fresh garlic, some parsley flakes and some finely chopped carrots into the water while steaming. Makes a yummy flavorful broth.

  5. Kathie Hughes

    I followed your advice to put the steamers in water for a couple of hours, come to find out that what happens is you drown the steamers. You should only let them sit for 10-15 minutes. They have to breath to stay alive. Found out from the seafood place where I bought them.

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