No ImageNew Jersey Italian Hot Dog

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  1. Bloomfield Dave

    I used top work at First National State Bank on Bloomfield Ave., in Newark, NJ in the 70’s I made many trips to Dicky Dees for the wonderful Italian hot dogs. I remember them deep frying the hot dogs, using the bagel shaped Italian rolls, putting mustard in the bottom, then the hot dogs, topped with fried peppers, onions, deep fried potatoes and topped with ketchup. Now living in Vermont, I sure miss those hot dogs and Taylor Ham and cheese sandwiches which we use to get on the shore boardwalk.

  2. Dianne Setaro

    When I read Robert Peloquin’s recall of the hot dogs in Newark I almost jumped out of my skin. Amato’s made the BEST — I was so little then and the memory even has it’s own smell! Here in Kansas I couldn’t match if I wanted to. Thank You Hank for the revival of a PERFECT memory! Without the big circle bread cut in halfs or quarters I don’t think it could come close to what I could create but this weekend is going to be a first class trial to repeat


  3. Anthony

    A real Italian hotdog in Essex County was never served on a sub roll but on pizza bread.It looks like a bagel on steroids but has the consitency of a sub roll. It had steak fries and peppers on the bottom to which you add ketchup then 2 hotdogs with mustard on top. The hot dogs were always fried in oil. Check out Jimmy Buff’s. Their nickname was slide in and slide out due to the oil

  4. ARmike

    Im from the south and we put mayo(hellmans) on everything. So I will put on these too. No ketchup though. Never have liked that stuff.

  5. Lester q

    Newark’s own Italian Hotdog… started at Jimmy Buff’s on 14th Street and 9th Avenue in the 1930s

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