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  1. Eri Baker

    I’ve been trying different recipes for no knead bread and this one turned out to be our family favorite. The crust is perfectly crunchy and the inside is soft and moist. I have a Dutch oven, but I ended up using a cookie sheet and a stainless bowl to cover the dough. I also tried making the bread with olives, dried fruit, nuts and etc. Any version has turned out to be fantastically delicious!


  2. Michelle

    A few questions:
    – My dutch oven has a phenolic knob – online sources say it’s safe up to 390 F and some say up to 500 F (I’m assuming different versions and mine is about 7 years old). I’m thinking of unscrewing it and plugging the hole with foil as I’m nervous it will melt. Anyone have thoughts on this?
    – I’m in the middle of this and the dough is super sticky and has no structure to be pulled up into a ball. It just stretches and sticks to your fingers. I weighed the flour in the beginning, but the dough is so sticky it seems like I’d have to add a lot of flour to the board … it’s just very hard to work with. I made another no knead recipe once years ago and didn’t do any shaping and it was pretty flat once baked. Thoughts?
    – I used active dry yeast and dissolved it in the 1 1/2 c of water first instead of adding the dry yeast to the flour in the beginning. Also used kosher salt and increased to 1 3/4 tsp.
    – Also, the ingredients state 1/4 cup of cornmeal or flour for the final rise, but the instructions only mention 1 heaping tsp of flour?
    – Does the size of the Dutch oven matter – i.e. is a smaller oven better to shape the slack dough and help the rise? I have a 7 1/4 qt, but am wondering if a smaller one would help with shape.


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  3. Yuki

    Hi, I only have a cast iron pan without lid. What is the best thing to replace cast iron lid?
    Can I use a oven safe lid made out of glass maybe? As long as it covers, does it have to be a cast iron lid? If anyone can give me some idea/ insight, that will be great! Also, will be a big problem if I change the shape of the bread in order to fit it in my cast iron pan. ( won’t be a ball… will be flatter.) Thanks!

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  4. Miranda

    I noticed this recipe uses almost a cup more flour then the original NYT recipe. What sort of difference does that make?

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  5. Marianne

    Second attempt was awesome!! Baked at 450! My oven must be hot!
    Can I tweak this recipe to make it whole wheat or multigrain??


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