No ImageOatmeal Buttermilk Pancakes

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  1. Carol

    I was looking for “overnight oatmeal pancakes” and found this. I have made the the overnight version many times without any problems. Apparently this is the updated version of it. I like the original better. The only downside to the original is that you have to plan ahead.
    Made this, found it kinda crunchy, didn’t need to add the reserved oats, needed to add the extra buttermilk. I’ll probably make again but will play around with the recipe.


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  2. Miranda

    What is the final texture of these supposed to be like? The batter smelled amazing but they came out kinda like oatmeal patties. I cooked the for a really long time but the inside was mooshy like oatmeal.


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  3. Brandon

    These were even better than I expected. Sounds of “mmmmmmmm” accompanied each bite. Definitely have some fresh berries with these pancakes to add some acidity. Utterly delicious and quite filling.


  4. Diane

    If I were to use quick oats instead, would the amount change? I have a big bag of quick oats that I’d like to use up before buying any more. It sounds delicious!

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  5. Joe

    Made this yesterday. I cooked them in the waffle maker. They were delicious. I froze the leftovers. Five minutes in the toaster this morning and they were almost as good. I’m making a big batch today just for the freezer.

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