No ImageSeared Okra and Tomatoes

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  1. Mike

    Fresh and very tasty! We made this just as your recipe stated, and loved it.


  2. Michael Langevin

    I think the 5 Tbs is a missprint. I did everything with about 2. Also one Tbs of red wine vinagar. Otherwise this is one great way to prepare Okra, the king of vegies. I live in the south my work buddy from Lousiana wanted the recipe with her first mouthful and we both have eated okra in any way it has been presented. I think I was given a piece of okra to teeth on. LOL


  3. Wendy

    My okra runneth over. I am trying all of your okra recipes because I grew a gazillion of them this summer. This is my favorite so far. Thanks, Elise!


  4. RAZZ

    Loved this!! I did not put the whole jalapeno in, but I really wish I had. I will make sure to do so next time. Thanks

  5. John West

    The taste is great. The texture was also fantastic. Lower sodium, and flash searing the okra really cuts the slime factor down to a tame unnoticeable normalness. We had left over chicken and chopped it up and put it on the bottom of the bowl and poured the okra on top. The cold chicken balanced out the stove heat from the okra so we could dive right in. Cayenne all over the top for me, as is for her. We both imagined how good the okra would be with rice on the bottom instead.


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