No ImageOkra Pilaf

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  1. Patrica

    This recipe is the bomb!! So delicious and healthy too.

  2. Terry

    Really fantastic — so pleased to have found this. I grew up in the south and love okra, but have always fried it or used it in stews. This pilaf is terrific.


  3. Kitcat

    EXCELLENT! So glad I found this recipe. I was looking for something new to do with okra and decided to try this. I absolutely loved it!! Thank you for sharing.


  4. T.D.

    Made tonight…SO yummy! Thanks for a great new addition to my recipes!


  5. Carmen Thompson

    I am from Charleston. We do call this dish okra pilaf. (Pronounced–pearl-o). I love that you referenced Limpin’ Susan. As I did not read all of the comments, I hope that I am not being redundant. The name Limpin’ Susan is a play on words to echo “Hoppin’ John,” a bean/rice pilaf that we traditionally eat on New Years Day.

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