No ImageOmelette in a Mug

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  1. zanele

    this was way easier than using the stove…loved it thank you1

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  2. [email protected]

    We made this for the first time this morning. Made two mugs and followed the recipe. Found that if you make two, you need to increase the time by about 2 minutes. Also, found that it keeps cooking even after removal from the microwave so may want keep that in mind. Overall, was excellent.


  3. Dick Plumley

    You can also oil, pour in some water, add an egg or two and have poached eggs. Some say to prick the yolks in this method. I always forget and I have had no problems.

  4. Bec

    omg this made such fluffy eggs and is so much easier than using the stove


  5. Crow T Cookbot

    I have been doing a similar thing for my omelettes for years, and enjoy the easy clean up.

    I also cook my eggs for breakfast burritos in the same way, but only use various cheeses as a filler when I do that.

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