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  1. Buzz Franklin

    Look really good!

  2. Sabrina C.

    I made these delicious Onion Rings, eating them right now, so good!, I made some modifications, had no milk or plain yogurt, so I used the flour/ cornmeal mixture (added extra 1/4 c cornmeal), and dipped my onions in egg. Still came out perfect, light and crispy. I added the tsp salt to my flour mixture, and it was the perfect amount to season the rings, sprinkling salt on them after frying would simply be to much sodium, and I’m sure they’d taste to salty. Great recipe starting point for me, next time I’ll follow the recipe exact.

  3. Maria

    I made this but cut the onions 1/8 and 1/4 inches thick. Very light and delish! Will definitely be making these again. I sprinkled salt on the papertowels before putting the fried rings to drain and also sprinkled them with a bit of salt. Really helped bring out the flavor.


  4. Heather

    Hello All,
    Well it’s quite a few years since this recipe was originally posted. I have read the recipe and made my own GLUTEN FREE-DAIRY FREE solution. My daughter is both, so I had to find something yummy that we could both do together. I had no time in between reading this recipe and saving it, and the BBQ that made me famous for it!!!

    I got some heavy duty foil, oiled it with corn oil (she’s allergic to olive oil), and then kept that aside.

    I got a small bowl and filled it with soy milk.
    In another bowl I filled it with rice flour, black pepper, some green herbs (of choice).

    Then I sliced red onions (sweeter) to just under 1/4 inch.

    I dredged the onion rings, concentrically sliced slabs, into the soy milk, then carefully laid them onto the flour mixture.

    With a spoon I covered the tops of them with the flour.

    Then I scooped them out, and laid them on the oiled foil.

    I wrapped the foil like a waterproof package, top folded first tightly, then rolled up the ends keeping the air out as I went.

    I put the packages on the BBQ from the get go, so they had at least 20 minutes on there.

    When it was time to check for doneness of them and the other veggies I had packed,


    They looked deep fried! Crusty, caramelized onions!!

    This was the first time I had tried such a stunt, and it worked wonderfully!

    I posted this, to show others that batter foods do well on the BBQ. You just have to experiment.
    The family was jazzed at it’s success!!



  5. Kkitchenwitch

    Wanted to serve something other than french fries with home made hamburgers, looked for an onion rings recipe and this one appealed to me because of the reference to the memory of the Bob’s Big Boy rings. (In the first job I ever had, I was assigned to make the Bob’s Big Boy rings according to their recipe instructions with pre-mixed ingredients. Maybe I’m biased, but I agree that Bob’s were the best ever! And with Ina’s recipe, I was able to duplicate the same taste and crunch, with fewer calories I’m sure.) The recipe was easy to follow, though I reduced quantities to accommodate enough for just 2 servings, and added 1 teaspoon of Tabasco Sauce for fun. Prep and cooking times were minimal. Nothing but rave reviews from my husband, and I certainly consider it a saver!


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