No ImageOrange Bread

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  1. Rozan

    Getting ready to make this. Can the recipe be doubled or it is better to make two separate batches?

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  2. Joanne

    Flavour is wonderful. We made it today and have a tunnel in the middle running nearly the entire length. After poking holes and pouring the glaze over it, it all settled in that tunnel and made the Center soggy. Still tastes but why the huge air hole.


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  3. Fiona

    Hi Elise,
    Just made this. Love the texture. For next time how do I infuse a more orangey flavor? Some juice or orange extract?


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  4. samaneh

    i wana omit the yogurt, but how much i have to add milk or orange juice?

  5. samaneh

    Thanks a million. This recipe was amazing.we all enjoyed it and idefenitly will make it again and again!


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