No ImageOven Baked Sweet Potato Fries

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  1. Julie

    My husband and I LOVE these fries! In fact, they are the only ones I make! Recently, I received a spiralizer attachment for my Kitchen-Aid mixer, and it has been a game changer in the kitchen. I wonder how these would turn out if I spiralized the sweet potatoes? I’m thinking mainly in terms of baking time – would you have any recommendations on how long they might bake (without burning) in spiralized form?

  2. Jerilynn Peters

    A nice dipping sauce is sour cream or plain yogurt with cumin

  3. Stefanie

    Last night, I made these sweet potato fries with old bay seasoning, burgers and caramelized onions. This morning, I cooked up the leftover sweet potatoes with the caramelized onions (I don’t see why regular onions wouldn’t work well too), threw in some spinach and put an over easy egg on top. Man was it delicious! I could eat these sweet potato fries at least twice a week.

  4. j k young

    I boil the white potato a short time and this speeds up the oven cooking time and just helps with the flavor

  5. Tita

    May I suggest treating sweet potatoes as you would eggplants? Cut them into uniform fries and add a generous amount of salt, toss well. Let stand for 1 hour, rince and pat dry. Either proceed in the oven or on the stove, with a little less heat than indicated above and no oil whatsoever. Try and see!

    Love your site Elise!

  6. Moira

    Great recipe, personally I don’t like sweet potatoes but I have a dog that has lots of allergies even the ordinary potato but he is fine with sweet potato, so I have tried your recipe with great success as now both my dogs can have really healthy treats, they love them and are so simple to make. Thanks.

  7. Lainy

    Ours were in for 21 minutes and got cremated. Not sure what went wrong. Will try again but for less time and maybe lower temp?

  8. Maggie

    I was craving these because I had them at a local restaurant. I put ground turmeric, nutmeg, and curry powder on them because I didn’t have any of the spices listed and I was feeling rebellious. I put them on a wire rack over a baking sheet on 500 degrees for about 20 mins. The inside was a little mushy but some parts of the outside were black so I took them out. They tasted really good and I can’t wait to make more of them! Maybe with different spices next time

  9. Jessica

    I prefer my sweet potato fries dipped in Greek yogurt mixed with a bit of lime juice and cilantro! Cut out the mayo and make it more protein and probiotic filled!!

  10. Lisa

    Oh. My. Sweet. Yumminess! I used brown sugar. And I must admit I didn’t use any spices, I was afraid that would turn off my kids, particularly my extremely picky daughter. When I brought them to the table she first said, “I don’t like those!” Then I informed her they had sugar on them, so she accepted a few. And she went back for more. And more. We had a yam that looked rather like a bowling ball & didn’t use it all last night, couldn’t fir it all on one pan, so I used up the rest of it tonight. Tried to use a little less sugar this time. She (and everyone else) again ate them quite happily. Tonight, at the same time (on the same pan) I roasted some very thick slices of zucchini, tossed in just olive oil (no sugar) & with just a bit of parmesan on top. They didn’t cook nearly as long, but I took them off when they were ready. Yummmm!

  11. david r

    I would suggest adding garlic powder to the list of possible “spices” for these fries. Helps cut the sweetness and adds savory note.

  12. Alison

    I agree that they are incredibly addictive! Just made some last night, and already bought more sweet potato to make more! Yum! ;)

  13. Tina

    Elise. First of all your name is beautiful. It is my daughters middle name! :o) Secondly, I used a combo of chili powder and cumin on half of the batch and cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice on the other half and large particle demerara sugar on all. Very tasty… Next time around I want to try the “Herbs de Provence”… Thanks!!

  14. Meg

    Make sure you cut these thick enough. I cut them thinner to try and make skinny fries.. Left them for 10 minutes on 440 degrees and they were black :( . And tasted reaaallly bad burnt. They were inedible lol. Definitely make sure you stick to wedges!

  15. Rinimum

    I cooked these without any extra seasoning for my one year old grandsons lunch (with ribs and corn) and he loved them. For a little one there is no need for any extra seasoning, and I tend to agree with the other comments – there is sufficient sugar in the potato.

  16. Mitzie

    This was a fantastic recipe – my 11 month old son really liked it – thanks for sharing! Really like that it only took 30 minutes. Also, I mixed yams and sweet potatoes in my batch. Made for an interesting color combo.

  17. Linda

    I mixed the spices into the oil before coating so that they all get a good amount of flavor.

  18. valerie

    Just did this for dinner and the family loved it! I omitted the sugar but did add cinnamon and Chinese five-spice to it and went incredibly well together.

    They were sad that there wasn’t more.

  19. Jenny

    These look delicious! To prevent the sweet potatoes from sticking I used a Silpat when baking them. They didn’t really brown. I was wondering if the Silpat was the reason? Thanks!

    I don’t think the Silpat would have prevented the browning. Make sure you have plenty of room between the pieces though, as the sweet potatoes put out a lot of steam while they cook, and if they are too crowded the steam will inhibit the browning. ~Elise

  20. Steve-Anna Stephens

    I make mine with rosemary and D L Jardine’s dry steak seasoning…never have any leftovers!

  21. Sarah

    I cut these very thin there for only needing about 20 minutes, soo yummy! It took two cookie sheets so on one I sprinkled a little cinnamon on top and on the other I made a little spicy with some paprika and cayenne, I preferred the cinnamon and my husband the spicy! There were some that I sliced two thin and they were too crisp, and dry. They shrink up when you cook, I would use one potato per person you’re making them for, unless of course they are HUGE sweet potatoes.

  22. Lila

    Just made these for my dinners’ side dish! They were good. I think next time I might skip out on the sugar or use less, because it ended up tasting like thanksgiving yams! A bit too “desserty”.
    However, I know how I’m preparing the sweet potatoes for thanksgiving this year…

  23. Karen

    I am a real nut for making my own oven fries with regular potato. I am trying to get the potato out of my diet and so I will try these. My way of making regular fries has been to coat with oil and then sprinkle with paprika which really helps to brown and crispen them. Wonder if paprika would work with the sweet potato?

    Need to find a good dipping sauce that is healthy. Not sure about all that mayo that others are suggesting.

    • Linda McDonald

      No dipping sauce is going to be healthy, but you might try one of the flavored hummus’ now out there.

    • Jessica

      Plain Greek yogurt mixed with any combination of spices you would like. It works just like mayo

  24. Bev

    Sweet Potatoes or Yams? I was confused at the grocery store so I asked the produce manager. He said the yams are drier than the sweet potato and will bake better. The sweet potato is more moist and may not crisp. I still bought one of each to decide for myself which one I like better. I intend to use garam masala for seasoning in addition to the sugar. Yum. Also, Hidden Valley Ranch has a dry packet of Spicy Ranch that will be perfect as a dip.

  25. Bonnie

    Just made these with mixed results. Made a not-great decision by doing 1/2 the batch in wedges and the other 1/2 in thin rounds (and baking multiple sheets at the same time, both of which you warned against!), which resulted in some rounds burning to a crisp before the wedges were anywhere near done. That aside, I really liked the ones that didn’t burn, and will definitely make again. One question, however– do you really mean 1 Tbsp salt?!?!? I’m an absolute salt FIEND, and I thought these were pretty darn salty. Only one other person has commented on this, so I’m not sure what to make of it. Anyway, thanks for the recipe– I’ll tweak things next time…

  26. Jennifer

    I have been making these for years, and have tried everything. Some posts say to use sugar, some say egg whites, others say to soak in water to draw out the water.

    The long and short of it is that I have discovered that the only way to get them moderately crispy in an oven is to: 1) cut in thin strips, 2) cook on a high heat for about 40 minutes (usually 450 in a strong oven), turning once and 3) use a good amount of peanut oil or canola oil.

    Mine get pretty crispy and are super tasty. I usually have with a curry mayo that I make with mayonnaise, yellow curry powder and lemon. YUM!

  27. Yoko

    for regular french fries, you double-fry (fry once, let them cool, then fry again at higher temperature) to make them extra crispy. maybe double-baking will have the same effect?

    i made these tonight with cinnamon, clove, allspice, and cayenne. yum :)

    but they were super soft..which is fine with me, but i think i’ll try double-baking them next time.

  28. CMM

    Unfortunately, mine tasted great but were very limp. As they say ‘if at first you don’t succeed . . . .’ – I will try again and use the rack method. They tasted delicious though.


  29. Laura

    I just made these–enough olive oil to coat potatoes, salt, lots of pepper, and a bit of parmesan cheese–delicious!

  30. famdoz

    Elise, thank you! A big favourite with my sweet-potato-avoiding husband and vegetable-avoiding 3 year old!

  31. Kristi

    Love these!…the kids don’t even realize the extra vitamins they’re getting. We’re watching the fat around here, though so I just brush them with the oil or spray them with lowfat margarine and use the NON STICK FOIL(a bit pricey but worth it for this) Yogurt makes a great base for a dip

  32. Jeni

    Just made these and I could eat the entire cookiesheet full by myself! Not all of them are crispy, some are and some aren’t. But it doesn’t matter. The taste!!!!! Ohhhh man!!! Even my picky husband loves these :D

  33. Kayte

    I made these last night for my family. They were a big hit. I didn’t add the sugar; the spices I used were salt, pepper, Chinese 5 spice, and paprika. I started them at 550°, and then turned the oven down to 430 for the rest of the cooking time. I felt like they were a big step forward in having a better carb choice for my family. By the way, I lined the roasting pan with aluminum foil to make clean up easier.

  34. Kellie

    I love to dip mine in ranch! I am really hoping this recipe is tasty (they are in the oven now) cause I am craving these like mad!

  35. dana

    Does anyone know if these can be made ahead and reheated? Or can I peel and cut the sweet potatoes ahead of time? I know regular potatoes would be an issue, but I’m not sure about the sweet ones. Thanks!

  36. Nicole

    Love, Love, Love these! We slice them thin with the mandolin and bake them @ 500 and they come out nice and crisp. Almost like a chip. My kids and husband love them this way. High praise indeed!

  37. TJ

    To simplify the recipe, and soften the sweet potatoes without blanching first, try sprinkling them with meat tenderizer. I dip my fries in a mixture of olive, peanut and coconut oil, spread on a baking sheet that has been coated with coconut oil, sprinkle on meat tenderizier, garlic powder, and sea salt. Quick and easy, very tasty too!

    • Linda McDonald

      I didnt find any reason to “soften” the potatoes – cooking them more than accomplished that – my issue was how soft they were actually – not crispy like I had hoped. I have a pizza pan, with small holes in the bottom, perhaps I will try that next time….

  38. Mrs.P

    Loves the recipes…it’s match with cinnamon (i Used cinnamon instead spices/herbs)…but I sliced it too thin, next time i’ll slice it more thicker…

  39. Yolanda

    This recipe is great! I made a few changes to shorten baking time by blanching potatoes for approx 10 minutes after slicing them,then baking them at 425 for 15-20 minutes on the cooling rack on top of the baking sheet! They came out semi crispy, not oily and baked all the way through without needing to turn. I used a little nutmeg, cinnamon, a tiny bit of sugar, and salt. Very good!! Thank you!

  40. craftyp

    Making these again for the 4th time since you posted. I love them with pumpkin pie spice and I bake mine on a stone!

  41. Audrey

    Once you try sweet potato fries there is just no going back. I make ours a bit differently. I boil them (cleaned, with skin on) until they are just fork tender. After they cool a bit, I slice into wedges and place them wedge-up on a foiled and greased (we use coconut oil) baking sheet. Then I brush both sides of the wedge with melted coconut oil. Lastly, I sprinkle some cinnamon, Himalayan salt, and sometimes a touch of nutmeg and bake at 400 until a bit crispy. We serve them with a good quality bacon blue cheese dressing and ranch dressing. Delicious!

  42. Kathy - Panini Happy

    Made these for the second time tonight – *so* addictive! The first time I used garam masala along with the sugar, salt & pepper. Tonight I tried cinnamon, chili powder, cumin & garlic.

  43. Catherine

    I’ve made this dish a couple of times now and really enjoy the sweet potatoes. Only be careful if you use Tony Cachere’s cajun seasoning. It already has salt in the mix. My first batch was way, way to salty. Second time, I cut out the salt and they tasted much better.

  44. Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer

    These are a staple side dish! We love these and have fun seasoning them different ways to change it up! Chipotle on them is great with a side of ranch. Amazing!

  45. sudu

    You are right – boy they were addictive!! I munched down a good pound or two!!
    Its actually very hard to keep the slices of the same size and thickness. So some were soft and mushy while others were crunchy and crisp. Next time I am going to try a peeler or cutter (what are they called- I forget the name!).
    For the dip I liked sriracha mixed with mayonnaise – yummy! Thanks for the recipe.

  46. Jessica

    Please be careful what type of oil you use at high temperatures. Pick an oil with a high smoke point….macadamia, coconut, grapeseed, avocado all come to mind immediately. This is because heating an oil that has a low smoke point will break some of the bonds in the oil and change it into a pro-inflammatory oil, at the least.

  47. Derek @ Sac-Town Health

    The pumpkin pie spice is something I wouldn’t have thought of. Great post.

  48. Kelly

    I make these all the time in the oven, and I don’t mind that they don’t get crispy, really. I was wondering if you have ever tried frying them in oil, like regular french fries? I have never tried it, I’m just curious how it would turn out.

    I think the standard way of making them is like a regular French fry, but I’m not that into deep frying so haven’t tried it. ~Elise

  49. joant

    OMG. It’s the 15 minute mark. I tasted one small fry that looked done. Too bad I only used one potato for the test.

    Just as well. If I had baked 2 lbs…guess who would have eaten them all in one sitting. Thanks, Elyse. What a great appetizer these will make, too. BTW – I put the oven on 500 as you suggested to make them crispy. Is the next 15 minutes up yet?! Funny how I wasn’t really hungry when I started this. Now? I’m absolutely starving…for sweet potato fries. :)

  50. marge baker

    We had these for the 1st time up north at a bar in Mich., loved them. Tried to make them at home, but had a hard time cutting them, what’s the secret?

    We cut them in half first, so you are dealing with smaller pieces. Then carefully cut those pieces in half lengthwise. Then lay the pieces flat side down so you have the most possible stability. When you are working with something as hard and dense as a sweet potato, stability of what you are cutting is key. ~Elise

  51. Jen Nelson

    Jerk seasoning is tasty too, maybe because it has the sugar in it already. I eat mine with sour cream…

  52. Nicole Amador

    I make roasted sweet potatoes with a spice mixture I found in Gourmet (Jan 2002) that I like better than any I’ve tasted in any restaurant: 1 tsp coriander seeds, 1/2 tsp fennel seeds, 1/2 tsp oregano, 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes, 1 tsp kosher salt. Coarsely grind spices & mix with salt. So good!

  53. Tao

    I was a little confused. I went to the store and they had yams and sweet potatoes. I got the sweet potatoes but when I peeled them, they were not the orange kind like in your picture. Which one am I supposed to use?? They were delish anyways but they did come out mushy and soggy….

    Sweet potatoes come in all different varieties. The garnet “yams”, or orange-fleshed sweet potatoes are the prettiest looking. But either color will do. If they are too mushy, review the comments so far, there are lots of tips to help get them more crisp. ~Elise

    • Linda McDonald

      Yams are what should be used in the recipe Elise – sweet potatoes will turn out even mushier than the yams, and those were mushy enough.

  54. Lisa

    I’ve made fries this way with both sweet and regular russet (or yukon gold) potatoes –it’s the best! Because I hate the clean-up, I’ve started using parchement paper to line the pre-heated baking sheet. The potatoes crisp up nicely and they don’t stick to the pan! I also like to mix sweet potato wedges with white, which results in a great tasting side dish with nice color. Try adding fresh chopped rosemary, garlic, salt & pepper and parmesan cheese to the olive oil -Yum!

  55. Kate

    There is a restaurant in RI that I used to go to at least once a week for lunch — and I would order sweet potato fries prepared just this way everytime. Just these fries. I also always requested a small dish of their Onion Gorgonzola dressing for dipping — a combination worth looking into, I assure you!

  56. Yana

    I’ve made sweet potato fries a number of times (both cut long, like fries normally are, and round, more like chips). Anyway, I toss the pieces in a bit of EVOO and S&P and then lay them out on a nonstick baking pan and turn the oven to convection bake. The thinner you slice the potatoes, the easier they crisp. And they brown on both sides. You just need to experiment a few times to get the exact temp/time/thickness combo to your liking…oh, and I toss them onto some paper towels when they’re done to minimize the fat.

  57. Marianne

    We made these tonight and the flavor and appearance was wonderful. We are now reading the comments here and since ours were not at all crispy, I think next time we will cut them thinner, bake them at 500 degrees and preheat the baking pan.

  58. Julia

    Delicious, just like every recipe I’ve tried on your site. Left them unpeeled (too lazy!) and used chipotle powder. WAY too good…

  59. Jessica

    I have experimented with oven baked sweet potatoe fries and have a few tricks to make them crispy. First, cut the fries super thin, no more than 1/8 inch. Second, place the pan in the oven while it is preheating so it is hot when you put the fries on it. Contact between as much of the sweet potatoe and the hot pan are the key.

  60. Natalie

    I LOVE sweet potato fries! I use McCormick sweet & smokey rub and chili powder on mine. I also make a dip with sour cream, mayo, horseradish, worchestershire sauce, lemon juice and paprika. These are great on the grill too!

  61. anna p.

    Yum! Our favorite dipping sauce is a little mayo mixed with dijon and brown sugar (or honey.) YUM!

  62. Reese

    They’re in the oven now. One big SP made exactly one sheet of fries. From the smell of it, good things are happening. Pre-heated baking sheet at ~400, used this spice mix: 1/8 t ground cloves, 1/4 t cinnamon, 1/4 t curry powder. What a great/easy way to cook up a sweet potato! Perfect mid afternoon snack for kids! Thank you!

  63. Lee

    We love sweet potato fries and chips in our house. A little garlic powder, smoked paprika and cumin, along with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper… Shoot. I’m hungry again.

  64. bavaria

    We toss our unpeeled potato wedges with olive oil and Montreal steak seasoning (very peppery) and then toss with some Panko or ground flaxseed for crispness. Roasting the potatoes on a wire cooling rack on a baking pan completes the great texture.

  65. Gina

    I think the sugar coating may be used to help the fries crisp up a little better more so than for flavoring.

    Sweet potato fries tend to become mushy easily.

  66. Ed

    I once had fries sprinkled with rosemary. And it was delicious. I’m sure rosemary would go well with these sweet potato fries as well.

  67. Gautham

    For the masochists among us: habanero-garlic oil for the baking; sriracha for the eating. So good.

  68. rose

    So tasty! I used chipotle and smoked paprika – sooo good. And I never would have thought to add sugar, but I think it really made the difference. I made a maple-mustard dipping sauce to go with them… addictive is right!

  69. Alta

    The last time I tried oven baked sweet potato fries, they didn’t crisp. Definitely going to have to try your version! Yumyumyum.

    They are hard to get crisp. You might try an even hotter oven, say 500°F, and put them on rack over a baking pan. ~Elise

  70. Jodi

    Roasted peanut oil is our favorite oil for this dish. Its nuttiness is complimentary.

  71. Sarah

    My favorite flavoring for sweet potato fries is a combination of rosemary, black pepper, and parmesan cheese (no sugar). Love it!

  72. Melanie

    I haven’t made these for ages and now I want them! I love the tips on here on how to spice and crisp them up. I’m going to try chipotle powder for sure next time. Another great dipping sauce is mayonnaise with a bit of curry paste mixed in. Yum!

  73. Rina

    Have you tried dipping them in honey? Delicious. Another dipping sauce that’s fantastic is chipotle ranch – not very healthy though :).

  74. Monique

    I never cared for the sweet style so I use garlic powder, salt, cumin and chili powder for smokey/savory fries. Never liked sweet potatoes till I made them this way.

  75. Jill

    I’m on WW, so I make these without sugar and just enough oil to coat them. Really good with wasabi mayo!

  76. Anelle

    My husband has always made these with Italian seasoning, and it’s fantastic. We julienne ours, but I like the idea of your big hunks better. I just so happen to have sweet potatoes for dinner tonight, and now I know what I’m doing with them!

  77. Nita

    I make sweet Potato fries all time. I use Alexa frozen sweet potatoes and sprinkle with Old Bay season. Bake for 20 minutes and they come out great. I think the oil makes them soggy.

    • valerie

      do you thaw them out first???

  78. Amber

    I make these all the time, but never thought to include a little sugar. Will try it next time, thank you! (Also, cumin and oregano is a favorite spice combination of mine.)

  79. Strawberry CAKE

    YUM! I am addicted to these. So good with a side of chipotle mayonnaise.

  80. jamie

    If you leave the pan in the oven while it’s preheating and then put the wedges on the hot pan, it really helps the outside crisp up.

    Great idea, thanks! ~Elise

  81. Amanda

    These are my favorite! I make them several times a week to accompany my dinner salad or sandwich. For the oil I use grapeseed and for the spice mix, I use za’atar…it’s lovely! Really brings out the flavor and sweetness of the potatoes (no sugar required).

  82. Lucy

    Love sweet potato fries. They have so much flavor and so good for you. I made a similar version just the other night with a flank steak. I used brown sugar and cumin. Next time I’ll add some chipotle powder. Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    Of all the spice combinations we tried, chipotle powder was my favorite. ~Elise

  83. Nick (Macheesmo)

    My problem with sweet potato fries is that I can never get them as crunchy as I would like. The sugar definitely helps, but I like my fries really crunchy.

    After many many failed attempts I’ve learned that the only way to quench my super-crunchy sweet potato fry dreams is with a deep fryer ;)

  84. stephanie

    I had fries similar to this at a restaurant with marshmallow sauce. The sweetness was a nice counter point to the savory steak they were served with.

  85. N.M.

    Another trick for these I picked up somewhere recently was to boil the wedges for 10 minutes before you mix them with the oil/spices. I usually boil them just until a fork will break through a wedge. I also leave the skins on, as I assume these are full of vitamins (although I wash them well).

    Boiling them before baking greatly reduces the toughness factor, and makes them juicier inside and not as dry.

    We try to never buy regular potatoes anymore, and this recipe is a standard at our house.

  86. Val from PA

    I’m not too fond of sweet potatoes normally – unlike most people, I can’t stand that gooey stuff with the marshmallows on top… Sweet potato fries, on the other hand, are wonderful!!

    One restaurant near me serves them half and half style (half regular fries and half sweet potato fries) sprinkled liberally with cajun seasoning… And another serves them with cajun mayonnaise… Both are outstanding!

    I’ll have to try out your recipe on my family soon!

  87. Lisa (Life's Short...Eat Cookies)

    Excellent recipe – this is my five year old daughter’s favorite snack! We sprinkle with cinnamon sugar….mmmmm.

  88. Emily

    Yum! We eat some variation of these almost once a week! When we’re feeling indulgent I whip up a dipping sauce: mayo with a few squeezes of fresh lemon and some minced garlic mixed in…. Delicious!

    • ruby h.

      Mine turned out as limp as a wet noodle. Could it be because I tried the rack underneath them? Has anyone tried this?

  89. Lauren

    These look great. I always have trouble getting mine crispy. I’m convinced it’s the baking sheet – can you share what brand you use?

    We used a variety of baking sheets for the different batches we did. No idea on the brand. Pretty generic baking sheets actually. ~Elise

  90. Bill Ryan

    When we make these, we place a sheet of tin foil (shiny side up) on the bottom of the cookie sheet and place a cooling rack over it. We then place the sweet potato pieces on the cooling rack. In this way we avoid having to turn the pieces half way through the baking process and clean up is much easier. I’m all about much easier.

    Great idea, thanks! ~Elise

    • BunnieGirl

      Brilliant! Thanks for the tip! Racing into try it now!

  91. Elie

    These are delicious with garlic mayonnaise as an alternative to over-sweetened ketchup. At Tides, the little bar-with-food I run in Monrovia, we just add chopped fresh garlic to store-bought mayonnaise, but if we had fresher eggs, I’d want to make my own…

    Delicious! And *so* addictive…

    • Mignon Ariel King

      Creamy horseradish is delicious too. A restaurant in Boston used to serve them that way. Yum.

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