No ImagePacific Black Cod Escabeche

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  1. John Gordon

    Recipe is quite easy. I made it with fresh wild caught salmon. Very tasty!
    However…no instructions for the Allspice berries and bay leaf. I added them to the marinade, worked out well.


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  2. Marie

    Suprisingly, Tilapia makes an excellent ceviche – would probably work here,too.I tried it several years ago at the booth of a South American importer at the Boston Seafood Show and went home and made it for my retail customers to try. They loved it! Just be sure of where your tilapia comes from – try to avoid the Chinese. Too much risk of chemical contamination.

  3. Kim

    We make black cod / sablefish according to Roy Yamaguchi’s recipe: marinated in miso, mirin, sake, and sugar, but with ginger lime beurre blanc, over rice and steamed baby bok choy. On the Roy’s menu is is called “butterfish”.

    The great thing about black cod is that it’s a sustainably fished, relatively inexpensive, easy to get on the West Coast fish.

    I’d like to try this other treatment of black cod, too!

  4. Sandra

    Jamaicans use whole red snapper for this dish. We fry the snapper until cooked through and crisp on both sides then saute onions, bell peppers, scotch bonnet pepper, thinly sliced carrots(optional) then add the vinegar and pour over fish.
    I will certainly try the taco version as it sounds really delicious.

  5. Garrett

    This was amazing in a cheese taco. Sweet, sour, crunchy, and the perfect flavor of fish. Honestly, the only thing I was upset about was that I only got to eat two of them.


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