No ImagePalmiers (Elephant Ears)

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  1. Zeba

    Turned out brilliantly. I used Demerara sugar for mine. Thank you!


  2. Kathy

    Can I freeze these?

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  3. Marlene

    I used to have these in France and loved them! These are spot on. I own a very small bakery & always make my own puff pastry (very, very simple). I prefer sweet, my boyfriend prefers savory. Today, I’m just making sweet. Thank you for this recipe ☺

  4. cindy

    Can you substitute fillo. dough for puff pastry?

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  5. Leslie

    Thank you for the recipe to one of my favorite cookies! I made these last night with vanilla sugar, and sprinkled toasted poppy seeds on some of them (sprinkling on the dough before rolling up, and then on top of the cookies right before baking as well). Yummm.

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