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  1. PJ

    Do not put 7Up in first!!

    • Elise Bauer

      What? Will the world end if you put 7Up in first? I think not. I alternate back and forth. Makes no difference which you put in first.

      • Trish Nelson

        i love panaches… a French lady put me on to them I only like it with 7up not Sprite or lemonade and it is so very refreshing I live in Palm Springs so I really appreciate the drink funny every restaurant I go into no one has heard of it and I have to tell them how to make it.. if you can’t drink the alcohol from the beer St. Pauli beer (German)non-alcoholic is a great tasting beer to mix it with

        • Elise Bauer

          Hi Trish, great idea to use a good non-alcoholic beer! Really all you need is the taste of the beer for this drink, not the alcohol. It’s been such a hot summer up here in Sacramento, we’ve been making a lot of panaches!

  2. Camilius Amevorku

    well this is my first time taking panache and I had to take four bottles nonstop…wow its so refreshing and irrestible!

  3. carole

    Oh…I’ve just read the comment left by Mark Krom..
    in France beer+lemonade (Panache) mixed with grenadine cordial/syrup is called a “Monaco”.
    Used to drink that quite a bit as a Teenager :)
    but I think it’s gone out of fashion now..

    • Elise Bauer

      Yes, my French partner remembers the “Monaco” fondly.

  4. carole

    I’m French..but been living in London,UK for about 20 years..
    so yes it’s called Panache in French & Shandy in England..
    but usually Panache is not beer mixed with seven up but beer mixed with
    lemonade pure and simple…well..unless they’ve changed the recipie since I left France 20 years ago! ;-)

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Carole, yes, panaché is made with “limonade” in France, which is not the equivalent of “lemonade” in the U.S. or in many other countries. Here, “lemonade” is lemon juice, sugar, and water (see our lemonade recipe), known as “citron pressé” in France. “Limonade” on the other hand is almost always “limonade gazeuse” or a carbonated citrus flavored drink, the equivalent of which is sold as 7Up or Sprite in the U.S.

  5. Marcel Krom

    In holland we can buy Shandy (0,1%Alc) and Radler (2,5%Alc) in store. But the mixture was already known in bars by the name Sneeuwwitje (Snowwhite). This is indeed lager and 7-up. There is also a mixture of lager and grenadine (lemonade) wich is called Amerikaantje (American).

  6. Ismael L. Banks

    Hello, I have really enjoyed reading the post, and all the comments. Without getting long winded, recently I have found reason to quit drinking alcoholic beverages. I’ve drank beer, wine, & some liquors on and off for 25 years. I really missed beer when I quit alcohol, and have recently tried a couple of the na beers. The two available at my local grocery store, O’doulls & Sharps. The O’doulls was green can, not the amber. Of these two, I prefer Sharps. They were purchased at Mejier’s in the Chicagoland area. I’m also in need of watching my diet and am interested in calorie count and price. 10USD , 12-12oz cans, Sharps ~58 calories, O’doulls ~70 calories per can.

  7. Rebecca

    As some have noted, also great with ginger ale or ginger beer. Or if you can get it, the Brazilian soft drink Guarana. Lovely on a hot day!

  8. salga

    hey there, I don’t consume alcohol…. so what can I substitute the acochol with.. lemon juice?

    • Elise Bauer

      The very nature of this drink is that it is beer with 7-Up. You can look for a “near beer” like O’Doules. But you still need beer for this drink.

      • Catherine

        You can use a dark beer for this if you like. As someone posted above, it is called a bitter shandy. And, as a few other people said, try a lime cordial (Roses) with a cold beer. Lager and lime, very refreshing. I often have a mixture of lime cordial, soda water and ice instead of a regular soda on a hot day. It used to be a common drink in English pubs if you didn’t want any alcohol.

  9. lee

    Hi all,
    (Black Velvet) 50/50 stout & champagne.
    (Bar Maids Blush) raspberry cordial & beer.
    (Arf n Anf) 50/50 beer & stout.
    (Red Eye) beer & tomato juice.
    (Beer & chasers) schnapps or whisky.

  10. Kaye

    My husband says this is now his favorite summer time drink. Thanks for the recipe.

  11. Brian Kirby

    When I lived in Spain we called it Clara , can be man con limonite, nranja,gaseosa, or best of all, Casera.
    Perfect after a game of golf , to cool down before the coffee brandy.
    Ahh salad days.

  12. yoko

    there’s a version made with sparkling apple cider or apple juice too – supposedly great with darker beers like stouts

  13. Diana

    In Spain is called “Clara” and is generally made by mixing light beer with lemon Fanta. It’s delicious and very refreshing. Premixed options can be bought in stores and are called “Shandy”…the irony I think.

  14. Ana

    I usually have this on summer, when eating seafood. It’ s a good and refreshing combination!

  15. Bill

    See also beer margaritas. Better than you might think :-).

  16. pacman

    My summer beach drink is a light beer, mixed with ginger ale, a squeeze of lime, and the optional mint leaf!

  17. Susanne

    My summer beach drink is a light beer, mixed with ginger ale, a squeeze of lime, and the optional mint leaf!

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