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  1. Rose

    Loved it in France. Had never heard of it then Bam!!


  2. PJ

    Do not put 7Up in first!!

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  3. Camilius Amevorku

    well this is my first time taking panache and I had to take four bottles nonstop…wow its so refreshing and irrestible!

  4. carole

    Oh…I’ve just read the comment left by Mark Krom..
    in France beer+lemonade (Panache) mixed with grenadine cordial/syrup is called a “Monaco”.
    Used to drink that quite a bit as a Teenager :)
    but I think it’s gone out of fashion now..

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  5. carole

    I’m French..but been living in London,UK for about 20 years..
    so yes it’s called Panache in French & Shandy in England..
    but usually Panache is not beer mixed with seven up but beer mixed with
    lemonade pure and simple…well..unless they’ve changed the recipie since I left France 20 years ago! ;-)

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